Learning My Body Systems:
How The Heart Works
1. Which body system is your heart a part of?
2. What is your heart responsible for doing?
3. Describe the difference between veins and arteries.
4. Why is hypertension bad?
5. What causes someone to have a heart attack?
6. How is a stroke different from a heart attack?
7. How can you keep your heart healthy?
8. What is ventricular fibrillation?
9. What does AED stand for?
10. How does an AED work?
11. What is a pacemaker?
12. What are pacemakers used to treat?
13. Name two common places used to take a pulse.
14. What does taking a pulse measure?
15. Take your pulse for one minute using one of the two common places you listed
above. How many beats did you count?
16. What is the common resting heart rate for someone your age and gender?
17. What factors influence your heart rate?