newmarket the evolution of the Davis Drive rapidway

Issue 5 | September 2013
the evolution of the Davis Drive rapidway
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Construction of the vivaNext rapidway
on Davis Drive is progressing. We have
completed a number of infrastructure
upgrades and have started road widening
and preliminary paving. We’re also nearing
completion of several key elements,
including relocating the Union Hotel and
re-aligning Parkside Drive. Read on for
more details and to find out what’s next.
transforming Davis Drive from
the ground up
In addition to building dedicated bus
lanes, we’re revitalizing Davis Drive from
the ground up with new and rehabilitated
infrastructure, including hydro, gas,
telecommunications, culverts and
replacing Keith Bridge. The investment
in modernizing our roads and revitalizing
Newmarket’s infrastructure will go a long
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way to making sure Davis Drive is built
on a solid foundation that will serve
the growing needs of Newmarket
for many years to come.
We know construction is messy
and may look chaotic and unorganized
at times. Rest assured there is a
methodical approach to what needs
to be done, which is carefully planned
and scheduled before work begins.
And scheduling among utilities is
coordinated to ensure all infrastructure
work can happen in different
areas simultaneously along
the corridor. We thank
you for your patience
and understanding.
from messy to marvelous: the transformation continues
road widening
As you drive or walk along Davis Drive, you’ll see the transformation
starting to take shape. You’ve probably noticed the wooden hydro poles
have been moved back from the road and have been replaced with
attractive new poles with a black finish. The relocation and replacement
of underground infrastructure in some segments on the south side is
complete. In those sections, we’ve started road widening and will soon
begin preliminary paving. Crews will be widening the road on both sides
of Davis Drive for the remainder of this year and throughout 2014.
We would like to remind motorists to drive
carefully and w
ith extra caution this September
with school back in session. It is up to us as
drivers t o make sure our children stay safe.
It’s the law for a reason
It is often easy for drivers to forget or ignore
the rules of the road. For the safety of everyone
using our roads, please remember these
safe driving rules:
• Slow down when traffic lights turn to
yellow and stop at red lights
• When approaching a stop sign, always come
to a complete stop
• Use turn signals so that people can anticipate
where yourvehicle is moving next
• Pay attention to construction speed signs
and follow marked detours
• Avoid distractions behind the wheel such
as talking/texting on the phone without
an approved hands-free device
preserving Newmarket’s rich history
The Union Hotel and its adjoining
building, located on the northeast
corner of Davis Drive and Main
Street, are being moved to preserve
their reflection of Newmarket’s
rich history. Over the last few
months, it’s taken careful planning
and attention to move these old
buildings to their temporary base
while their permanent foundations
are built. The same precision and
care will be used when they are
set onto their final place this fall.
Check out to watch
the Union Hotel big moves.
re-aligning Parkside Drive
eastern and western culverts
The intersection of Parkside Drive is currently being
re-aligned with Longford Drive. Once complete,
Parkside Drive will line up with Longford Drive
as a full intersection, eliminating one set of traffic
lights and improving overall traffic flow.
Culverts allow water to move easily from one side
of an obstruction [like a road or railway] to the other
side. On Davis Drive, culvert work at both eastern
and western creek is underway. At western creek,
crews are extending the culvert on the north side.
At eastern creek, it became apparent that the old
culvert was well beyond its lifespan. Crews have
been busy removing and replacing the old culvert on
the south side of the road, near Southlake Regional
Health Centre. The new culvert will be replaced with
long-lasting concrete materials that will withstand
Mother Nature for many years to come.
Davis and Longford, Parkside
transforming Yonge Street
Lo rks
ng ide
f M ord
East Gwillimbury
GO Station
GO Station
The Yonge Street rapidway in Newmarket
will run along 2.5 kilometres of Yonge
Street from just south of Mulock Drive
to Davis Drive, including three new
vivastations at Mulock Drive, Eagle
Street and Davis Drive. Work on the
Yonge Street rapidway will begin in
2014, and is scheduled to be complete
by 2017. This year we’re surveying and
advancing designs in preparation for
construction. Subscribe to Yonge Street
updates at
Yonge Street
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For more information on the Davis Drive business support
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All of your favourite shops, restaurants,
medical and professional offices on Davis Drive
are open during construction. A sample of the goods
and services awaiting you are featured in the business
profiles section of the vivaNext website at
Stop in today, these businesses look forward to seeing you!
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