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Education and Qualifications
2013-2014 The University of Leeds
MSc. Advanced Textiles and Performance Clothing, Pass with Merit:
Professional Development and Research Methodology, Laboratory Practicals and
Case Studies, Nonwovens – Spun Bond, Melt blown, Spun bond and melt blown
composites (SMS, SMMS), Hydroentanglement, Needle punching and composites of
differently bonded nonwovens. Nonwovens and Textiles used in medical devices and
healthcare products (Wound care, Blood filters, Biomaterials, Tissue engineering &
Regenerative medicine, Anti microbial dressing, trends and developments in
healthcare, commercialisation of medical products). Project planning, time
management, written and verbal communication and research methodology
2008-2012 Osmania University
B.Tech. Textile Technology, CGPA 9.24 on the scale of 10: Knowledge in fibre,
yarn and fabric formation (conventional & advanced), textile chemistry, technical
textiles, Nonwovens, Industrial engineering, Statistics, Planning and management,
apparel technology, six sigma and lean production, textile costing & financial
analysis, polymer engineering technology, integrated apparel merchandising,
retailing and branding of apparels, presentation skills, team work, research
communication and project planning
Master’s Thesis – Design of low and high molecular weight protein wet spun fibres for
Undergrad Thesis – Bamboo fibre & Characterization of bamboo knitted fabric
Skills Profile
Verbal & Written Communication
 I have presented many papers and posters in several national symposiums and
conferences during my undergraduate studies and these presentations helped me to improve
by verbal communication gradually.
 During my master’s thesis I had developed immense reading and also improved the
technical writing skills while publishing an article in an international journal.
Technical Skills
 During my taught masters’ course, I had gained lot of theoretical and technical knowledge
at University of Leeds and Nonwovens Innovation and Research Institute on Analysis and
characterization of Nonwovens and their products used in health care and medical
During my master’s dissertation, I have worked on biomaterials used for healthcare in
biomaterials lab at School of Dentistry, University of Leeds. I have gained experience in
fabricating gelatin and collagen materials through wet spinning and nonwovens for their
use in healthcare. In this project, I have also become skillful on wet spinning
parameters, SEM, FTIR, Mechanical Testing, Crosslinking, TNBS Essay, DSC,
Viscometry, Nonwovens and swelling.
Through undergrad work, I learnt about bamboo fibre, textile processing and chemistry,
natural fibres, structure-property relationship and also characterization techniques
During project training in polyester plant, I had gained knowledge regarding melt
spinning, polyester staple fibre, sea/island filaments, texturizing, polymerization,
ergonomics, six sigma, product development, project planning and management skills
Project Planning & Research Communication
During the masters and undergrad thesis work, I have learnt how to distribute the project
work at different labs in accordance to time. In this process, day to day progress was
discussed once a week along with the next week’s plan.This planning also helped in
research communication with senior research fellows, professors and industry people.
The experience not only helped me in completing the project on time, but also enhanced my
project planning skills. My experience as production engineer helped me to gain practical
knowledge in different composites (glass, carbon and aramids based reinforced plastics)
Employment Summary and Positions of Responsibility
(2014 - Present) Sr. Manager- Materials & Projects, Allen Reinforced Plastics (P) Ltd©
Hyderabad, India (Responsible for mfg’ of Aerospace composite shells using
VARTM and CNC Filament Winding Process)
(2013-2014) Taught Postgraduate Student Researcher at Nonwovens Innovation &
Research Institute, Leeds and Bioengineering and Biomaterials lab, School
of Dentistry, University of Leeds
Vacation 2011 Practical Trainee in Polyester Staple fibre Plant, Reliance Industries Limited
Position of responsibility: Post Graduate Design School Rep, Rep for Blended Learning
Awards, Publications and Certification
 Best Paper Award- International Journal of Textile & Fashion Technology, Tran stellar
Journal Publication in Oct, 2013
One of the best undergrad project (Bamboo fibre & Characterization of bamboo
knitted fabric) in textile technology department, Osmania University, May 2012
3rd Best Paper at DKTE’s Textvision’12 National Textile Symposium in March 2012
3rd Best Poster at PSG Tech Texinnova’11 National Textile Symposium in Feb 2011
1st Best poster at PSG Tech Texinnova'10 National Textile Symposium in Jan 2010
Giuseppe Tronci, Ramya Sri Kanuparti et al., Wet-spinnability and crosslinked fibre
properties of two collagen-derived polypeptides with varied molecular weight,
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 81 (2015) 112-120
University of Leeds, School of Design, MSc. Advanced Textiles and Performance Clothing
2014 Thesis, ‘Design of low and high molecular weight protein wet spun fibres for
Ramya Sri Kanuparti, Hayavadana J, Spider Silk- The network of Fibre, International
Journal of Textile and Fashion Technology, Vol 3 Issue 4 Oct 31st 2013, ISSN(online)
2319-4510 , ISSN(Print)2250-2378
International Level Conference Paper - Ramya Sri Kanuparti, Hayavadana J, Spider SilkThe Network of Fibre at ATNT'2011, Dec 2011
 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

RAMYA SRI KANUPARTI Education and Qualifications