Citizenship rights since the Arab revolutions. International workshop

Citizenship rights since the Arab revolutions.
The cases of Tunisia and Egypt
International workshop
Tunis, 9 February 2015
Golden Tulip Mechtel
Four years ago, citizens of Tunisia and Egypt achieved the unexpected by overthrowing the
regimes which had governed their countries since decolonisation. The history of the two
countries since has been animated by vigorous debates on framing citizenship rights in the
context of drafting new constitutions: what relationship between religion and the state? what
new freedoms to affirm? how should the state intervene on the market? These debates have
revealed cleavages within societies which have not always seen compromises. If Tunisia
managed to carry forward constitutional and political change, including democratic election
processes and the approval of a new Constitution, Egypt’s tumultuous involutions have
brought about new limitations to citizenship rights in principle and in their practical
Understanding contemporary concepts of citizenship rights and democracy in Tunisia and
Egypt is an essential component to any analysis of the new North African and Middle Eastern
context. The international workshop aims to discuss in depth how citizenship rights have
evolved in the two countries, by drawing on extensive research analysing the diverse
perceptions within the two societies, examine the challenges for the implementation of these
rights and identify policy recommendations for government and civil society, explore the
broader regional and security implications, and outline policy options for external actors such
as the United States and the European Union. The workshop will bring together experts from
Tunisia and Egypt, the US and Europe, with representatives of Tunisian society and
government. Following brief presentations of the speakers, the workshop will aim to foster an
open conversation following the Chatham House rule and propose practical recommendations
for action.
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8.30 – 9.00 – Registration
9.00 – 9.30 – Opening session
Ruth Hanau Santini, Università l’Orientale, Naples, Presentation of EUSPRING project
Asma Nouira, Observatoire Tunisien de la Transition Démocratique, Tunis
9.30-11.00 - Panel 1 - Tunisia: Citizen's rights in debate
Chair: Mohamed Kilani
Souad Triki – , FNCD, Tunis.
Hamadi Redissi - University Farhat Hached, Tunis.
Pietro Longo - Università l’Orientale, Naples.
Coffee Break
Panel 2 - Egypt: wither citizenship rights?
Chair: Hamadi Redissi
Mohamed al-Agati – Arab Forum for Alternatives, Cairo.
Amy Hawthorne - Rafik Hariri Centre for the Middle East, Washington DC.
Robert Springborg, Naval Postgraduate School (video).
Panel 3 - Citizenship rights in the Arab world and US-EU policies
Chair: Amy Hawthorne
Ruth Hanau Santini, Università l’Orientale, Naples.
Richard Youngs - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington DC.
Rosa Balfour, EPC, Brussels.
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