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Welcome to Chemistry for All
Chemistry is important for all of us. Our food, medicines, clothing and gadgets have
all been designed and developed using chemistry. Whenever we brush our teeth,
wash our hair or use a mobile phone we are making use of chemistry. Chemistry is
also vital for solving problems like fighting diseases and finding eco-friendly fuels.
Introduction to the “Chemistry for All”
Chemistry for All (CfA) is a five year national programme, funded by the Royal
Society of Chemistry (RSC) and in collaboration with the Institute of Education (IoE).
The overall aim of the programme is to increase your child’s/ward’s understanding of
chemistry and its related fields and to increase the number of school leavers with the
skills and potential to pursue chemistry and its related subjects in the future. The IoE
will also work with pupils and schools to gain an understanding of what motivates or
inhibits people from studying chemistry.
The CfA programme is designed to promote achievement in science by increasing
your child’s/ward’s enthusiasm for chemistry through exciting and engaging events
and resources. Pupils will start the programme in year 8 and will continue up to year
12, developing key skills which are in great demand with employers.
Not only will your child/ward gain valuable knowledge and skills, supported by the
leading chemistry body in the UK, they will work with a University with over 180 years
of teaching experience. They will also have the opportunity to gain accredited awards.
Why is Chemistry for All needed?
CfA is not just for people who want to be chemists, it has been developed because
chemistry is used in a range of jobs. Learning chemistry develops highly valued and
transferable skills, which are useful in all sectors of employment and are valued in an
employee. The West Midlands region has a considerable number of small to medium
sized enterprises in chemistry and biochemistry related subject areas that are currently
under-going a period of growth and expansion. At present, it is estimated between the
period 2012-2020 there will be a 100,000 person shortage each year of skilled Science
Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) workers [1]. By taking part in the programme,
school leavers in the region will benefit from enhanced employability.
Aims of the programme
 To engage and enthuse pupils in science, particularly chemistry and its
importance and relevance both to our everyday lives and in finding solutions to
 To increase pupils’ awareness of the relevance of scientific understanding
and investigative approach to everyday life, and to non-science careers.
 To enable pupils to have an understanding of careers and pathways in
science, including earning potential and to gain an understanding of the diversity
of career options available.
 To develop inspiring teachers through CPD and support the development of
engaging and effective delivery methods within the classroom.
 To provide a compact agreement such that pupils who complete the five year
programme may receive an offer for a science degree programme, subject to
University entry criteria.
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