Institute for Leadership AdvancementTerry College of Business346A Brooks HallAthens GA30602
706.542.3736[email protected]
Business Administration, The University of Georgia, December 1998.
Major: Human Resources Management. Minor: Strategic Management
Dissertation: The Relationship between Ethnic Group Identity and Values in the
University of Illinois, summa cum laude
The Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations
Illinois State University, with highest honors
Speech Communication, Organizational Communication concentration
Illinois State University, with high honors
Major: Mass Communication/Print Journalism; Minor: English
Diversity & Inclusion
Change Management
Employee Development
Social Group Identity
Conflict Management
Organizational Communications
Teaching Assistant Professor, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State
Graduate teaching faculty and graduate curriculum committee; full load MBA courses
2006-2008; taught both undergraduate and graduate courses 2004-2005
Advisor, Net Impact Ethics Society (MBAs)
Advisor, Society for Human Resource Management; SHRM Games coach (2 nd place in
nation, 2005)
Visiting Lecturer, William Peace University, Raleigh, NC
Full-time HR/OB faculty, offered permanent position after one year
Advisor, SHRM; coach for state and regional SHRM Games
Instructor, Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University
Full-load of HR/OB courses; designed and taught two graduate courses
Consultant for Business Outreach Programs, McKimmon Center, NC State University
1998-2000; created Working Through Change and Working Through Career Change
Instructor, Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia
Co-advisor for SHRM
Two HR courses per semester while PhD student
Teaching Assistant, Terry College of Business, The University of Georgia
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Assisted and periodically taught six Principles of Management for Rick Watson and Archie
Carroll (250-student auditorium)
Instructor, Economics and Management Departments, College of Business and Behavioral
Science, Clemson University
Full-time 300- and 400-level labor relations, arbitration and management courses
Economics Department Undergraduate Advisor from 1989-1991
Faculty advisor for Mortar Board, Clemson University 1991-1992
Graduate (1998-2009; new course creation 85%)
Change Management – The Catholic University, Lille, France, and NC State 1999-2008
Leadership & Ethics – NC State 2005-2008
Strategic Human Resource Management – 1998-2002
Managerial and Career Effectiveness – 2005-2008 (year-long core course; faculty lead 3 years)
Undergraduate (1987-2005; includes Clemson, UGA, NC State, and William Peace University)
Performance Systems
Training and Development
Labor and Employee Relations
Organizational Behavior
Human Resource Management
Senior Seminar (various foci: Strategic HR, Conflict Management, Diversity & Inclusion)
Principles of Management
Business Communications
Change Management/Organizational Development Manager, Quintiles, RTP, Durham NC
Develop and implement change management and communications strategy for global
laboratory redesign and restructure initiatives
Facilitate Global Project Services leadership team session on redesigning key
customer-facing roles
OD lead for two global 5-day workshops: pre-workshop research (survey, interview,
quality, customer data), exec readouts; team-building exercises; facilitate break-outs
Organizational Development Consultant, Cary Academy, Cary NC
Conducted cultural Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism; led 12 stakeholder
focus groups. Analyzed 30 hours of qualitative data, synthesized with quantitative
survey data for National Association of Independent Schools and executive readout.
Writer-in-residence, instructor and multicultural advocate for Wake County Public Schools,
Cary Academy, Raleigh Charter School, Triangle Diversity Alliance, Ubuntu Festival,
Research Triangle High School, and Town of Cary, NC
Courses, residencies, and speaking engagements on multicultural education; social
group identity, expression and orientation; literacy projects
Talent Acquisition / Project Manager, Elinvar, Raleigh NC
Part-time recruitment and selection specialist at boutique agency
Director, Human Resources and Communications, ThotWave Technologies, LLC
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Developed HR polices/practices for start-up software firm. Recruitment, selection,
onboarding, training, development, compensation, performance system.
HR Consultant, King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (now Pfizer), Cary, NC
Initial contract for HR/FDA compliance (job analysis, specifications) for research
headquarters. Second contract for job path creation and compensation audit.
Website Editor, Netbriefs® Online Resource for Managers, Imagine Publishing
Industrial Relations Manager, HR Generalist, HR Comp/Bens Specialist, Schlumberger
First professional female at 1100 employee plant in SC; hired first minority engineer
Worked in all HR functional areas within Oil Field Services and Metering divisions
Cisco Systems
Change management training for engineers
Progress Energy (now Duke Energy)
Managing change through RIF and Restructure
National Chamber of Commerce
Managerial planning (4 modules)
North Carolina Episcopal Diocese
Essential Role of Diversity to Restore Our Best Selves
King Pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer)
Job analysis, specs, descriptions, job paths, comp audit
Communication Training for merger, restructure/RIF
Identify Software
Managerial training (communication, motivation, metrics)
Keystone Corporation
Selection criteria and metrics for general contractors
Lucy Daniels Foundation
Organizational redesign
Harte-Hanks Newspapers
Performance systems
Imagine Publishing
Writer/editor of managerial content
ThotWave Technologies
Turnover among field engineers (costs, benefits, strategy)
Cary Academy
Multicultural assessment
Cox Edmondson, V., Barnes, J. and Gupte, G. 2008. Weakness in Numbers: Towards an Understanding
of Employees of Color’s Responses to Organizational Research Efforts. Journal of Behavioral and
Applied Management, vol. 10 no. 1: 89-109.
Barnes Nelson, G., Wright, J. and Barnes Nelson, J. 2004. Real-time decision support: Is HR Ready?
International Human Resource Information Management, vol. ix, issue 2: 18-24.
Albrecht, M.H. (Ed.), 2001. The boundaryless organization: Implications for job analysis, recruitment and
selection in International HRM: Managing Diversity in the Workplace, Blackwell Publishers, Ltd., UK.
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Relations 52: 1313-1336.
Barnes Nelson, J. 1998. The Relationship Between Ethnic Identity and Values in the Workplace . Doctoral
Dissertation, The University of Georgia, Dec. 1998.
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Riordan, C. M., Gatewood, R. D. and Barnes Bill, J. 1997. Corporate image: Employee reactions and
implications for managing corporate social performance. Journal of Business Ethics, 16: 401-412.
Barnes Nelson, J. 1997. The boundaryless organization: Implications for job analysis, recruitment, and
selection. Human Resource Planning Journal, 20.4: 39-49.
Editorial assistant for Gatewood, R.D. & Feild, H.S. (1994) Human Resource Selection, 3rd edition, Harcourt
Brace & Co.,1993.
Barnes Nelson, G., Walters, T., Barnes Nelson, J. The Softer Side of Software Development: Strategies for
Managing Change. Proceedings of the 29th Annual Meeting of SAS® Users Group International,
Montreal, Canada, SAS® Users Group International, April 2004.
Barnes Nelson, G. and Barnes Nelson, J. SAS® Skills for the Next Millennium: A Geek Peek into the Future.
Proceedings of the 24th Annual Meeting of SAS® Users Group International, Miami Beach, SAS®
Users Group International, April, 1999.
Vandenberg, R. J. and Bill, J. B. Examining the functionality of turnover intentions: A pretest-posttest control
group design. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Southern Management Association, New
Orleans, Academy of Management, Southern Division, November 1994.
Barnes Nelson, G. and Barnes Nelson, J. Strategies for Managing Change. Paper presented at the annual
SAS® Users Group International, April, 2003.
Barnes Nelson, J. Values and ethnic identity among whites in the workplace. Paper presented at the annual
Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), American Psychological Association
meeting, Atlanta, May 1999, as part of symposium: Exploring White Racial Identity.
Bill, J. B. Sexual harassment as a work climate: Moving beyond the reasonable gender approach. Paper
presented at the annual Academy of Management meeting, Dallas, August 1994.
Riordan, C. M., Gatewood, R. D., and Bill, J. B. Corporate image: Employee reactions and implications for
managing corporate social performance. Paper presented at the annual Academy of Management
meeting, Dallas, August 1994.
Vandenberg, R. J. and Bill, J. B. Examining the functionality of turnover intentions: A pretest-posttest control
group design. Paper presented at the annual Southern Management Association meeting, New
Orleans, November 1994.
Invited instructor, Triangle Diversity Alliance Conference, Fall 2013, Cary Academy
Invited panelist for Raleigh Charter High School, Community Activism, April 2013
Ubuntu instructor 2013, 2011; panelist for Multicultural Education Forum, 2010, Cary Academy
NC State University’s College of Management nomination for university-wide teaching award 2006
North Carolina State University’s College of Management Teaching Excellence Award May 2005
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Invited to teach premiere international change management course: Managing Through Change,
for fifth-year (MBA) business students at The Catholic University in Lille, France, Feb. 2000
Appointed to The Multicultural Education Committee for Lincoln, NE, Public Schools, May 1996
The University of Georgia’s Department of Management Doctoral Research Award 1994-95
Comer Scholarship Award, 1995-1996 and 1994-95, for research in the field of business, Terry
College of Business, The University of Georgia
The University of Georgia Graduate School Merit Supplement Award, 1995-1996 and 1994-1995
for research activity. Summer research funding, UGA, 1995
Cohen and Cohen Scholarship Award, for business research 1994-95
Founder, 14 Words For Love, globally-created/community-shared writing for positive social
change, 2013-present
Writer-in-residence with social justice focus for Wake County public schools, charter and private
schools in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, 2007-2013
Board member, Rensing (Arts) Center, Pickens, SC, 2011-2014
Organizer of PoetrySpark, SPARKCon Festival, Raleigh, 2009-2013; featured reader 2010 & 2011
Membership chair, North Carolina Poetry Society, 2010 and 2011
Chair, Seventh Annual College of Management Women’s Conference, April 2007
Executive Board member, Sixth Annual COM Women's Conference, 2006. Presenter, COM
Women’s Conference, 2005, “Importance of Values in Career Change Exploration”
Facilitator, NC State University’s Race and Ethnic Study Circles, held on campus for students,
faculty and staff, 2005 and 2006
Facilitator, Wake County Race and Ethnic Study Circles sponsored by YWCA, Anti-Defamation
League and League of Women Voters, 1998-2004
Facilitator, Race and Ethnic Study Circles pilot for administrators, teachers, students and parents
within Wake County Public School System, 2003
Trained facilitators in basic and advanced community dialogues, Vortex certification, 2002
Co-chair of Episcopal Diocese of NC Committee on Anti-racism, 2000-2003
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