Step by step instructions on importing into British Education Index (DataStar)

Step by step instructions on importing into
EndNote Web from British Education Index
1. Select each item you would like to add to
Endnote Web by ticking the box to the left
of the item entry in the results listing.
2. Go to the options table at the bottom of
the results page, setting the Display Format
to Full and Output Format to RefMgr,
ProCite, EndNote.
Having selected these two options, click the
Save button in the column on the right.
When prompted, Save the file in the normal
way, making sure that the file is being saved
as an RIS Formatted File (.ris).
3. Access your EndNote Web account. Click
the Collect tab, then the Import References
6. On the Import References screen, click
the Browse button and locate the File you
saved. Select this file and click Open.
Next, from the A-Z drop-down Filter menu,
choose RefMan RIS (although not specific to
the database, this generic filter is currently
the best for the British Education Index).
From the drop-down menu labelled To:
choose which group in your EndNote Web
account to add the references to.
Finally, click the Import button. A message
should appear, confirming that the
references have been added successfully.
Note(s): It is recommended you always manually check imported data in EndNote Web, in case of errors.