Redwoods Community College District MINUTES January 14, 2009

Redwoods Community College District
Meeting of the Facility Planning Committee
LRC room L107
1:00 p.m.
January 14, 2009
Paul Agpawa, Michael Bailey, Ruth Bettenhausen, Tim Flanagan,
Melissa Green, Ray Kingsbury, Geisce Ly (phone), David Maki (phone),
Steven McCollum (phone), Jim Sylvia, Erin Wall, Lorie Walsh, Maggie White.
David Bazard, Greg Grantham, Anita Janis, Mike Mendoza
Ruth Bettenhausen, Co-chair called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.
After a brief review it was moved, seconded (Sylvia/Wall) and carried
unanimously to approve the minutes of the Facility Planning Committee
(FPC) meeting on December 7, 2009.
A. Ruth noted that she presented the project prioritization lists for
deferred maintenance and major capital projects to President Marsee
and cabinet members and David Bazard plans to present the lists to
the Academic Senate. The president has made a commitment to
spend $1M from bond funds on deferred maintenance projects this
year and will also try to find money in the general fund for these
B. The FPC has been charged with modifying the current Facility Master
Plan (FMP) to incorporate the tasks that have been completed thus
far by the committee. The target date for presentation of the updated
FMP to the Board of Trustees is May 2010. Once the FMP has been
updated the FPC will review the prioritization lists annually. The
subcommittee for the Eureka campus deferred maintenance projects
will finish their prioritization of projects for years 10 through 20 and
bring back to the committee for review next month. Ruth thanked
committee members for their continued dedication and hard work.
C. Next steps will include creating project prioritization lists for the
education sites. This process will include development of parameters
and how sites shall be evaluated. Enrollment data will be used to help
determine if the education sites are of adequate size for the needs of
the district or if expansion is required. The Garberville site will also be
evaluated and added to the prioritization lists as a major capital
D. Ruth reported that the old Jefferson School site in Eureka is being
considered as a possible location for a future education site. At the
Board of Trustees meeting on January 5, Mr. Steve Brown, Dean of
Career and Technical Education gave a presentation supporting the
acquisition of the Jefferson site. The Board in closed session gave
President Marsee permission to make an offer of $500,000 for the
Jefferson property. There will be a 90 day review period to allow the
district to further explore the condition of the building and determine
costs for renovations. It is the district's intent for the Jefferson school
site to replace the Eureka Downtown site which is currently leased by
the district.
There was brief discussion by committee members and the following
suggestions were made regarding the purchase of the Jefferson
school site:
Ask Steve Brown to attend a future FPC meeting,
Review preliminary report from SHN Engineering Consultants,
Confirm Eureka Downtown lease amount
President Marsee has requested that the FPC meld all major capital
projects into one list and meld the first 5ive years of the deferred
maintenance projects into one list. Ruth asked that committee
members come to the next meeting with recommendations on
melding the lists.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m.