Redwoods Community College District Present: Meeting of the Education Master Plan

Redwoods Community College District
Meeting of the Education Master Plan
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
1:00pm-2:30pm - Board Room
Present: Allen Keppner, Keith Snow-Flamer, Jason Leppaluoto, Jim Sylvia, Martha Davis, Dave Bazard, Matt Malkus,
Geisce Ly (phone)
Others Present: Karen Nelson, Cheryl Tucker, Lynsey Parker, Bill Hole
Not Present: Michael Thomas, Pat Girczyc, Justine Shaw, Joe Hash
1. Announcements, Additions, Adjustments to Agenda
a. No announcements or adjustments
2. Approval of minutes from April 15th EMP Meeting
a. Minutes approved
3. Review Draft EMP
a. Karen received emails on small changes in grammar and language
b. Headers formatted
c. Vision Statement changed slightly: “By putting students first, the District will enhance diverse
communities with innovative learning environments that foster personal success.”
d. Comments received to remove appendices.
i. Felt that these are too specific for EMP
ii. The information should just be sited and refer to originating documents.
e. FTES targets can be narrated in EMP and referred to
i. Enrollment management will be responsible for a website to reflect FTES targets by location and
f. DE has also been removed from plan and refers reader to DE draft on the DE website
g. Budget (Pg 81-82)
i. There was concern about the projected FTES
1. if these are removed, the budget doesn’t make sense
h. Items in EMP should be usable over years and the items that were originally going into appendices
change annually; these are not appropriate for EMP
i. Suggestion to replace 2 paragraphs on page 16 with Dave Bazard’s revised version in handout.
j. Pg 16, delete “…if carried out…”
k. Pg 82 Strategic Plan Goal #3
i. Add to the end of first paragraph: “Assessment will provide the basis for college planning and
resource allocation.”
ii. Use term “data informed” instead of “data driven”
l. Pg 82 Objective 3.1
i. Remove both bullets on 2 “Develop District-wide…”
m. All bullets under Strategic Plan Initiatives are very specific and might be better to be on the Strategic Plan
i. If all bullets are removed, then section 4 and section 5 would be very similar.
ii. Add language to Section 5 stating that Initiatives are suggestions for direction, such as “The
following initiatives are possible means of achieving the goals of the Education Master Plan.”
iii. “Strategic Plan Initiatives” changed to just “Initiatives”
iv. Third sentence of first paragraph –
n. Pg 75
i. Remove all bullets
o. Pg 76
i. Remove bullets under 3, 4, 5
ii. Objective 1.2
1. systematic assessment of basic skills coursework
2. providing basic skill remediation programs
3. monitor and approve ARCC indicators
p. Pg 77
i. Remove all bullets under 6, 7, 8, 9
ii. Keep 10, remove bullets
q. Pg 78
i. Remove 11
ii. Add/change language regarding faculty advising in 12, use term “consider – remove bullets
iii. On 13 change to “evaluate course sequencing and scheduling to enhance transfers.”
iv. Remove all bullets 1,2
r. Pg 79
i. Remove bullets under 3
ii. Under 4, bullet 2 and 3 removed
iii. Under 4, bullet 4 changed to initiative, put high school students in parenthesis, remove
unemployed/displaced workers
iv. Remove remaining bullets
v. 2.3 remove bullets under 5
s. Pg 80
i. Remove bullet under 7
ii. Remove bullets under 8, 9, 10
t. Pgs 82-87
i. Remove all bullets
ii. Remove number 9 on page 85
iii. Consolidate initiatives under 5.3 into just 2
1. to provide access to develop and expand instructional sites and delivery systems
2. improve public and shared transportation for the district
iv. Remove parenthesis from 13, remove bullets
v. Add “recruitment” under 12
u. Pg 89
i. Remove 21 and 24
ii. “Coordinate Enrollment Management, Special Programs, Advising and Counseling to provide
students with financial guidance”
iii. Number the initiative under objective 5.8
iv. Remove bullets under 5.9
1. remove 25, and 30
v. Section 6
i. Switch 4 and 5
w. Remove current section 4 and use the title for current section 5
4. Finalize Timeline
a. Suggestion to have EMP Draft sent to campus community and outside reader for editing
i. Advise campus community not to contact EMP regarding typos, spelling, etc as this will be
handled by the outside reader.
b. Concern that the EMP Draft will go to the board before the Committee reviews any changes made
i. Summary of changes will be made and presented to EMPC
ii. Final draft needs to be seen by EMPC before it goes to the board
5. Set next meeting date
Look at a 1 hour Meeting for Monday or Tuesday April 27th or 28th, 2009