Dean’s Council Wednesday, February 29, 2012 8:30am - 10:00am

Dean’s Council
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
8:30am - 10:00am
Health Occupations Conference Room
Present: Utpal Goswami, Jeff Cummings, Rachel Anderson, Geisce Ly-phone, Anita Janisphone
Meeting Notes
1. Syllabus Inventory
 DN checks syllabi against the schedule of classes each semester and are near compliance.
Syllabi are housed in the office.
 MC collects their syllabi every semester and puts into binder. They are current on SLOs.
 CTE is still compiling and confirming SLOs. Syllabi are housed in the division office.
 Academic Affairs syllabi are housed with the division AOAs. SLOs are nearly 100%
 By end of March, syllabi for all classes will be accounted for and housed in division
and/or center offices. There was discussion to mandate all syllabi be submitted
electronically. Anita and Jeff will update Utpal on who is out of compliance.
 This process will continue in the fall. All syllabi should be accounted for within the first
two weeks. It was suggested a template including all required items (ADA, student
conduct, etc.) be created, in which the instructor fills in his/her specific details and SLOs.
2. Status of PLO by programs
 PLO’s must be included in the catalog and submitted to Shereen prior to the Catalog
deadline. Utpal would like the PLOs submitted in the same order programs occur in the
catalog. Maybe Shereen can supply a template for submission.
 PLOs will be listed for both certificates and degrees. They should also be embedded in
the program information on our website.
3. SERP Update
 Nine faculty are retiring. Some will be replaced, primarily from the faculty prioritization
list. One retirement conflicts with the faculty prioritization list and will be overridden
(nursing). Grant funded positions (when a grant ends) pose a problem in faculty
prioritization and needs to be addressed.
 IR will do a comparative assessment of the health of six programs to make a
determination on faculty hires by Friday.
4. Additional Spring Sections
 Keith and Utpal are finalizing the exact FTE and student counts to determine the number
of additional sections needed for spring. Around 8 or 10 sections will be added.
 There have been some conflicting numbers from Datatel; this will have to be researched.
It was clarified that IR makes projections for late start classes, with a fairly small
 The tuition raise to $46 begins for summer classes starting May/early June.
5. Faculty Hires for Fall – covered above
6. IT update
 Lee updated the plan switching us to the voice-over IP system during spring break. A
request was made for instructions to be sent to all. Completion date is the end of March.
 Informational: CR is developing a Gmail profile for everyone, to move away from
Outlook to an internet hosted system. Hoping to have a significant number of staff
become proficient over summer.
7. Other
 Chancellor Scott is coming to CR on April 6. Around the second week of March, the
first group to review our recommendations will be from Santa Rosa Junior College: Mary
Kay Rudolph and some of her staff. They have a good history with ACCJC. Another
group will come in April, to evaluate our progress and a final group in June to view our
 Per Barbara Beno, we can continue to offer our DE courses, but not offer online degrees.
 A consultant will be hired for our strategic hiring plan.
Next meeting: 3/14/12 at 8:30am