Renner, Mark

Renner, Mark
Hill, Angelina
Thursday, November 06, 2014 11:22 AM
Winter, Mark; Renner, Mark
DE Committee Membership
Hello, The IEC reviewed the DE Planning Committee membership and made a few recommendations. They recommended adding a student. They also recommended replacing the three members of the management council with: Instructional Technologist Information Systems Technologist Director of Enrollment Services They thought it was more important to have someone in James’s role on the committee than my position. This would results in: 1 DE Faculty Coordinator (co‐chair) 1 DE Director (co‐chair) 3 Faculty 1 Student 1 Instructional Technologist 1 Information Systems Technologist 1 Director of Enrollment Services Can you talk this over and let me know your thoughts on this membership? We can always make changes prior to it going in the handbook. Thanks, _____________________________ Angelina Hill, Ph.D. Director of Institutional Effectiveness College of the Redwoods 707.476.4364 1