College of the Redwoods Request for Funding FY 2013-4

College of the Redwoods
Request for Funding FY 2013-4
This form should be used for requesting new staff positions and included in the program review
Joe Hash
October 31, 2013
Requested Amount:
$100,000/year salary and benefits
Divisional Rank (if any):
Position description (please provide details about the position need):
[form will expand as needed]
Student Athlete Counselor: A dedicated counselor for student athletes would be able to
provide counseling and guidance in: orientation, educational planning, CCCAA and NCAA
eligibility requirements, athletic issues, and academic success measures such as attendance
reports, progress reports, study halls, tutor referrals, etc.
Statement of Need (Justify the need for the position)
All student athletes, especially those “at-risk”, would benefit from increased focus and attention on their
needs for academic guidance and assistance. Increased student athlete academic success should have a
positive effect on persistence and retention.
Link with Institutional Goal/Assessment Results (Describe):
Theme: Increasing Persistence; Goal 1: Student Success: EP.1.2. Improve support for students; EP.1.4.
Increase transfers and degree and certificated completion; EP.1.6. Improve success among
underrepresented populations
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