Research Topics for EA2 Unit 3 Springboard Novel: Tangerine by

Research Topics for EA2 Unit 3 Springboard
Novel: Tangerine by Bloor
Impact of sport, movement and daily exercise for overall health, mental well-being and
fighting childhood obesity. (ie: The Weight of the Nation)
Exploring Positive and Negative Behavior of tweens and teens
 Why do children and adolescents bully?
 What type of programs are available to discuss, address and limit bullying?
 What are the behaviors of positive and successful tweens and teens?
 What are some reasons and solutions for sibling rivalry?
 Athletes with a physical impairment. Such as Derrick Coleman, Bethany Hamilton, Jason
Lester or Melissa Stockwell
 Athletes who were able to get an education through a scholarship such as: Michael Oher
 Pros and Cons of being a student athlete
 What happens to an injured student athlete’s scholarship?
 Should College athletes be paid or not?
Environment / Agriculture
 What is horticulture and why is it important?
 What is grafting, cross pollinating and which fruits and vegetables are “cross breeds”
(ie: tangelos) and how does this work?
 What are the major cash crops in America, where are they grown and what is the
difference between Organic and GMO crops?
 Natural disasters and the aftermath – Hurricane, Tornado, Forest Fire, Tsunami, Drought,
Flooding, the Dust Bowl, etc.
Famous Siblings: What did they do and what is their relationship like?
Here are some examples:
 Lanny and Tracy Barnes
 Paul and Morgan Hamm
 Valya and Vita Semerenk
 BJ and Justin Upton
 Henrik and Daniel Sedin
 Vladamir and Vitali Klitschko
 Peyton and Eli Manning
 Pau and Marc Gasol
 Venus and Serena Williams
Jobs: What do these people do? What services do they perform? What are the top three
colleges for obtaining the education for this profession? What is the pay scale?
 Civil Engineer
 Meteorologist
 Astronomer
 Architect
Role Models: Famous people that are admirable and led or are leading honest, productive
lives and contributed to society in important ways.
 Ghandi
 Susan B. Anthony
 Nelson Mandela
 Benjamin Franklin
 Mother Teresa
 Sonya Kovalevsky
 Pope Francis
 Marie Curie
 Abraham Lincoln
 Malala Yousafzai
 Alice Paul
 Ryan White
Immigrant Groups to America: why did they come, does this demographic still immigrate?
What kinds of jobs does this group typically do when they first arrive? Which part of the country
does this group typically enter? What persecution, ethnocentrism and prejudice has this group
encountered and is this group still being oppressed? Why?
(good place to start – your History teacher).
 Chinese
 Irish
 Japanese
 Italian
 Vietnamese
 Jews
 Middle Easterners
 Poles
 Sudanese
 South Americans
 Filipino
Parents and children connected by sport, dance or other activity. Is the relationship
positive or negative?
 “Dance” or “Cheer” moms
 “Trophy” kids
 “State of Play” documentary by ESPN
 “Overschduled” kids
 This is a good blog article on POSITIVE kid / parent sporting relationship
 An article about positive sports relationships from Liberty Mutual Insurance