Student Development Division Annual Program Review Update 2012/13

Student Development Division Annual Program Review Update 2012/13
Residential Life
Section 1 - Program Information
1.0 Name of Program: RESIDENTIAL LIFE
1.1 Program Review Authors:
1.2 Program Director Signature:
Robert Ekholdt
1.3 Vice President Signature:
Keith Snow-Flamer
Date: September 11, 2012
Date: October 19, 2012
Date: October 19, 2012
1.4 Program mission: Residential Life is committed to providing a safe, well maintained, and clean environment that promotes the development of
a community dedicated to academic success.
1.4.1 State briefly how the program mission supports the college mission: The Residence Halls supports the college mission by providing a safe,
well maintained, and clean environment that promotes community development and academic success.
1.4.2 Program goals:
1-Continue to develop and improve Residence Hall Activities.
2-Continue to promote a culture of safety and respect.
1.4.3 Describe how the program goals support institutional planning and goals (Strategic Plan, Education Master Plan, Enrollment
Management Plan, etc.):
The Residential Life program goals 1 and 2 support the College’s Strategic Plan Goals 3.5 Practice continuous quality improvement by evaluating
residence hall activities and promoting a culture of safety and respect. The development of a variety of activities increases residence hall resident
participation and improvement of activities help bring the community together reducing residence hall violations. The Residential Life also
supports the College’s Strategic Plan Goal 5.1, Enhancing support of the college community and 5.2, Support /Increase cultural activities at the
college by developing residence hall activities and promoting the participation of residence hall students in college wide activities.
The College’s Educational Master Plan Goal 3.5, Proving continual and inclusive training opportunities regarding assessment, is also supported by
the Residential Life through continual participation in assessment activities. Residential Life also supports the Colleges Educational Master Plan
Goal 5.1, Improving student engagement among all students and 5.2, Develop a vibrant student center by again promoting residence hall activities
and college wide activities. The Residential Life promotes the Associated Students of College of the Redwoods (student government) and the
College’s associated student clubs.
Section 2 - Data Analysis
2.0 Program Staffing/Budget Data and Indicators
(Past years)
12/20/2012 Page 1 Provide information to show changes over time (steady, increasing, decreasing, etc.). Insert additional rows as needed for your key performance
indicators (KPI’s), such as program services, functions, student contacts, etc.
Observations (steady/increasing/decreasing)
2.1 Staffing/Budget
FTE Faculty and Staff
This includes a full-Time, a full time Assistant Director of
Residential Life, and a Director of Campus Life.
The Director of Campus Life was eliminated at in 2012 and the
Assistant Director resigned in 2013.
A half –time Custodial position and full time office coordinator
position remains unfilled as of October 2012)
FTE Additional Workforce
Personnel (Dollars)
Full-Time – Director of Campus Life, This position should be
considered for funding from the General Fund. As of 2011-2012
this position has been eliminated and Residence Hall staff has
taken on these duties.
Resident Assistants
Residential Life –
Campus Life –
Resident Assistants –
Temporary Custodians4,617.46
Permanent Custodians 6,188.00
Extra help Business Office1,006.85
12/20/2012 Page 2 $142,876.05
One time Resident Assistant
Reduction due to RA’s being
eligible for work study.
Associated Students of College of the Redwoods have taken on
the cost of their advisor. The Position above designated as
Campus Life (Director of Campus Life) has been discontinued.
Discretionary (Dollars)
2.2 Program Indicators
Revenue generated
$675, 926.46
Additional Revenue Generated from 2010-2011 Residence Hall's
Contract Requirement of Meal Plan Purchases - $489,148.27
Additional Revenue Generated from 2011-2012 Residence Hall's
Contract Requirement of Meal Plan Purchases - $488,170.25
Student success
Fall 2010=41%
Spring 2011=38%
12/20/2012 Additional statistics
Low Units-11%
Low GPA-4%
Low Units-9.7%
Page 3 Fall 2011
Low Units-9.15%
Low GPA-6.33%
Low Units-16.0%
Low GPA-5.22%
Student satisfaction
Total excellent,
good, and neutral
Total excellent,
good, and
Low GPA-23.5%
2010-2011 Survey Table #14: Overall Experience of Living in
Residential Life Housing
Excellent - 26.7%
Good - 36.7%
Neutral - 6.7%
Fair - 26.7%
Poor – 3.3%
2010-2011-Would like to improve to 75-80% while improving
satisfaction in the good to excellent range.
2011-2012 Survey Monkey Question: 16. How satisfied were you
with the overall experience of living in the Residential Life
Excellent – 16.7%
Good – 50.0%
Neutral - 0.0%
Fair – 8.3%
Poor – 25.0%
2.3 Describe how these changes affect students and/or the program:
Revenue Generated – There was a reduction in revenue collected from 2010/2011 to 2011/2012. This reduction has a negative effect on the ability
of residential life program to improve the facilities. A need to improve students understanding of the debt they a responsible for and their need to
plan for how to pay for this debt.
Student Success – The student success percentages continues to remain approximately the same. Residential Life must work on requiring students
to work with an advisor before developing a class schedule. Increased contact with advisors may help improve student success. Many students in
the residence halls seem to be unprepared for the rigors of college and we must work to help provide the tools they need through increased contact
with advisors and workshops. Developing a way for earlier educational intervention is needed to improve overall resident success.
Student Satisfaction – Student overall satisfaction with Residential Life has dropped by approximately 5 percentage points from 2010/2011 to
12/20/2012 Page 4 2011/2012. We are not sure if this drop is significant as the number of participants in the 2011/2012 survey was not large due to the change in
survey delivery. 2011/2012 was the first year the Residential Life has used Survey Monkey as the delivery method. The number of participants in
the survey dropped from 30 individuals responding in to 2010/2011 to just 12 individuals responding in 2011/2012. The attempt to become more
efficient through the use of technology may have skewed our results.
2.4 Provide any other relevant information, or recent changes, that affect the program:
Section 3 –Critical Reflection of Assessment Activities
3.0 Student Learning Outcomes & Program Outcomes Assessed in the Current Cycle
SLO1-Students who participate in residential life activities will build better connections with residents in the community.
SLO2-Parent and Student Orientation will include information regarding Student Conduct and FERPA to increase completion of release of
information for parents.
SLO3-Students will understand the Community Guidelines and Student Code of Conduct.
3.1 Summarize the conclusions drawn from the data and the experience of staff working to achieve the outcomes:
SLO 1- A comparison of the Residential Life Surveys for Spring 2011, and Spring 2012 shows 6.7% drop in the neutral to excellent rating for
Types of Residential Life Activities. This is an additional drop since Spring 2010. Adding the total decreases from these two years together shows
a decrease of 32.6%. This brings the rating for Types of Residential Life Activities to 50%.
As for Types of Residential Life Programs from 2011 to 2012 there was only a 1% neutral to excellent rating increase making it be virtually
unchanged. The Type of Residential Life Program rating neutral to excellent was 75%. Participation increased 32% and participation in activities
went up 12% bring both up to a participation rate of 80%. Though we had an increased percentage in participation, Satisfaction with Residence
Hall Programs went down 29.2%, and Satisfaction with Residence Hall Activities went down 21.7% bring both to a 62.5% satisfaction rating.
I find it important to note the Residential Life Survey for 2012 was on-line for the first time and we had only 12 participants compared to 2010
with 53 participants and 2011 with 30 respondents.
Two Focus groups were held with only 1of the groups having enough participants (6). The second Focus group only had 1 participant and became
an informal interview. These individuals indicated they recognized the residence halls as a community and that participating in activities did help
12/20/2012 Page 5 to bring the residents closer. These residents also indicated though activities and programs brought residents together that there are cliques in the
residence halls such as football players or him and his friends. They also indicated they would like a great variety of activities that expanded
beyond TV events like movie night and Super Bowl Sunday.
SLO2- Though a drop of 23% of completed release forms occurred between 2009/2010 to 2010/2011we were able to make a 12% increase in
completed release forms between 2010/2011 to 2011/2012.
SLO3- The Residential Life Survey Reports for Spring 2010, Spring 2011 and Spring 2012 indicate a significant drop in almost all areas of
Residential Life satisfaction with rules, regulations and policies. Looking at the Residential Life Rules and Regulation Satisfaction, a decrease in
neutral to excellent rating occurred of 27.9% from 2010 to 2012. Though there was a decrease when taking in the neutral to excellent rating there
was a good to excellent rating increase from 2010 to 2011 of 13.6% but then decreasing by 5% in 2012. All of this reduction came from the
Neutral rating going to the fair to poor rating of satisfaction. All other areas of rules, regulations and polices also showed decreases from 2010 to
2012. The decreases are as follows; Familiarity with Policies of Student Discipline 29.1% decrease, Clarity of Student Discipline Process 31.3%
decrease, Familiarity with Policies of Student Conduct 23.5% decrease, Clarity of Student Conduct Process 21.3% decrease, Overall Satisfaction
with Policies of student Discipline 24.8% decrease, and Overall Satisfaction with Policies of Student Conduct 27.0% decrease.
3.2 Summarize how assessments have led to improvement in Student Learning and Service Area Outcomes:
SLO1- Spring 2010 Improvement Recommendations: Increasing resident participation can happen in several ways. We can improve
advertisement of activities and programs, we can continue to ask residents directly what they would like to do, and we can continue to promote
Residence Hall Association (RHA). With the participation in Residence Hall Association residents will take ownership of activities and programs.
Through RHA residents will have direct say in what activities they would like provided and give them a hand in the development and
implementation these activities and programs. Increasing participation would help strengthen the residence hall community.
Additional improvement recommendations are to focused on residential assistant training on possible activities to provide. The focus should be on
offering a variety of activities so to entice a diverse group of participants. The focus for the resident assistants should also be on community
building so students are willing to let them know what they are interested in.
SLO2-Talked earlier in the application process to the students and parents about the importance of filling out and turning in the release
information form. 2011/2012 we received 177 forms total for the full year. We hope to increase this by another 10% this year.
SLO3-We feel we must continue to emphasis the importance of both the Residence Halls Community Guidelines and the Student Code of conduct
in opening day meetings and floor meetings. We must emphasis the importance as a community member to follow the rules set forth as well as the
importance to each individual’s college success. An additional reduction in Drug and Alcohol violations has occurred between 2010/2011 to
2011/2012 academic year. Approximately 10 less violations have occurred in the 2011/2012 academic year. The continued enforcement of the
Residence Hall Zero Tolerance Policy continues to have an effect on the reduction of major violations at the Residence Halls.
12/20/2012 Page 6 We also feel we must improve the participation in the survey process as the very low participation rate maybe skewing our results. This was the
first year using Survey monkey as a data collection. We will work on getting the word out to all residents and emphasis the importance of the
survey to help us improve.
3.3 (Optional) Describe unusual assessment findings/observations that may require further research or institutional support:
Section – 4 Evaluation of Previous Plans
4.1 Describe plans/actions identified in past program reviews and their current status. What measurable outcomes were achieved due to
actions completed.
Current Status
Automatic door closing system for Del Norte
Reason: Del Norte Hall may be in violation of
California Fire Code Section 703 – All doors
within residence halls must remain closed
unless someone is entering or exiting the
room. Automatic door closing systems must
be installed for Del Norte Hall to come into
compliance. The window in upper Del Norte
may also need to be changed to be
automatically closing. Mendocino Hall may
be exempt from this fire code as its doors exit
directly to the outside of the building. This
information was faxed to maintenance and
discussed with the Assistant Director of
Maintenance on 7-18-08.
Job completed - Summer 2010
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Reason: . Carbon Monoxide Detectors for
Carbon Monoxide Detectors though not required
12/20/2012 Outcomes
Residence Halls is now Fire code compliant
Carbon monoxide detectors were installed
Page 7 each room should be considered as further
safety considerations as we have had natural
gas leaks in rooms in the past. (Carbon
monoxide detectors were installed and then
removed due to an unanticipated function that
caused Television remotes to cause them to
sound. The detectors have not been
Roofs and rain Gutters
Reason: Roof and rain gutters are very old
and in need of replacement.
East Mendocino Hall Upper Building Deck
support needs repair.
Reason: Dry root, beams showing signs of
by law for government properties and properties
owned by the California Regents should be
installed for the safety of the students living in
the Residence Halls. Installing carbon monoxide
detectors by January 1, 2013 would follow more
closely with the requirements of apartments and
but were going off intermittently due to
television control sensitivity. Detectors were
removed and need to be replaced. In
Job Complete -Del Norte Hall replaced Summer
Facility Upgrade
Job Complete January, 2011
Deck repaired and safety concerns
Completed 3 year Assessment Plan
Satisfactorily completed and assessed
2009/2010. Received commendation
regarding assessment completed.
Integrated Residence Halls with student
Conduct Processes
Included Director and Assistant Director in
Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) and
Student investigation process.
Hired Half-time Custodian for Residence
Improved custodial services have made for a
much better living environment for residents.
4.2 (If applicable) Describe how funds provided in support of the plan(s) contributed to program improvement:
Section – 5 Planning
5.0 Plan for Future Improvements
Based on institutional plans, data analysis, student learning outcomes, program outcomes, the assessment of those outcomes, and your critical
reflections, describe the program’s Action Plan for the 2012/13 academic year. If more than one plan, add rows. Include necessary resources.
12/20/2012 Page 8 (Only a list of resources is needed here. Provide detailed line item budgets, timelines, supporting data or other justifications in the Resource
Request). (link to two year assessment plan)
5.1 Program Plans
Action to be taken:
Work with residence students to build
better connections with residents in the
Relationship to
Institutional Plans
Relationship to
Strategic Plan Goal 1 & 5
Residential Life
Satisfaction Survey
Expected Impact on
Student Learning or
Service Area Outcomes
To help residents feel
better connected to the
community and increase
overall student
Turned in release of
information forms
signed by students
for parents
Increase awareness of the
conduct policy and reduce
the number of major
Release Forms
An end of semester
electronic survey
designed to assess
the effectiveness of
material covered in
each SEP session
with the student
To increase the number of
students aware of the
requirements to meet their
educational and career
ng, EOPS,
Athletics, Veterans
Resource Center,
Residence Halls
Education Master Plan
Goal 1, 3, 4, &5
Technology Master Plan
Goal 1 & 5
Include information regarding Student
Conduct and FERPA in Parent
Enrollment Management
Plan Goal 1, 4, & 5
Strategic Plan Goal 1 & 5
Education Master Plan
Goal 1 & 5
Resources Needed
Survey support
Technology Master Plan
Goal 1 & 5
Work with Counseling/advising to ensure
residence hall students understand the
components of a degree/certificate
program necessary to reach their
educational goal.
Enrollment Management
Plan Goal 1, 4, & 5
Strategic Plan Goal 1 & 5
Education Master Plan
Goal 1, 3, 4, &5
Technology Master Plan
Goal 1 & 5
12/20/2012 Page 9 Enrollment Management
Plan Goal 1, 4, & 5
advisor. A set of
eight to ten
questions devised to
ascertain students
knowledge of
information needed
in order to achieve
their intended
educational goal
(SEP and transfer
information) . The
assessments will be
distributed to
students in the fall
2012 and spring
5.2 Provide any additional information, brief definitions, descriptions, comments, or explanations, if necessary.
Section 6 - Resource Requests
6.0 Planning Related, Operational, and Personnel Resource Requests . Requests must be submitted with rationale, plan linkage and
estimated costs.
Check One
Cost Y/N
Planning Operationa Personnel
Upper deck of Mendocino hall repair and
Emergency Communication System
ADA Compliance
ADA State Requirements
Asbestos Abatement
12/20/2012 Page 10 Electrical Upgrades
Earthquake Retrofit
Roof and Rain gutters for Mendocino Hall
Lighting inside rooms
Bathrooms refurbish
Vanities , sinks and faucets
Carpet Replacement
Heating system replacement
(Depending on
Exterior lighting around the Residence
Halls needs to be replaced
Video camera recording rooms need
ventilation fans installed
Repair fire places
Estimated total cost of repairs
Double pane windows
Computer room ventilation
Blacktop repair around Residence Halls
Fire Control Sprinklers
12/20/2012 Page 11 Upgrade/Safety
Roof is old and rotting,
leaks visible
Upgrade, Lighting in rooms
and bathrooms is poor
Upgrade, bathrooms are in
poor shape, Maintenance
has been deferred
Upgrade/Old and worn out
Upgrade/Old and worn out
Upgrade, old and worn out,
improve residence hall
Upgrade, Increase energy
efficiency and safety
Safety, old and need of
Plumbing is very old,
asbestos abatement must be
done when repairs are
Safety, lighting poor
Recording equipment may
be affected by the large
amount of heat in boiler
rooms which they are
Return to function
Along term maintenance
plan must be developed to
make the necessary
repairs that have been
deferred and to make the
necessary upgrades to a
heavily used aging facility.
Section 7- PRC Response by section (completed by PRC after reviewing the program review)
7.0 The response will be forwarded to the author and the supervising Director and Vice President:
S.1. Program Information: Program supports strategic and educational master plans.
S.2. Data Analysis: Program indicators identified
S.3. Critical Reflection of Assessment Activities: Program outcomes identified and assessed.
S.4. Evaluation of Previous Plans: Plans completed
S.5. Planning: Plans tied to strategic and ed plans. Most resources are supported by survey and release forms. S.6. Resource Requests: The PRC has concerns about ongoing resource requests/needs related to safety and recommended this go to the
appropriate administrator for follow-up of the safety needs. No editing/revision is requiring.
Review approved.
12/20/2012 Page 12