Date: Course Proposed for Large-Class Format: Maximum Class Size on Course Outline:

College of the Redwoods
Course should be re-submitted for large-class format approval every five years.
Date: 10-14-08
Course Proposed for Large-Class Format: Geol 10
Maximum Class Size on Course Outline: 40
Attach a copy of the course outline
Maximum Class Size proposed for Large Format Sections: 80
Describe how the instructor(s) will maintain the academic quality of the course offered in largeclass format. What pedagogical methods will be used to ensure student outcomes? (See course
During the Fall 2008 semester we offered one large format section (75 student cap) of Geol 10
(Environmental Geology) on the Eureka campus. During this trial, the assignments and
expectations remained the same as for the 40 student class. Blackboard as well as in-class
projection of material (PowerPoint, web links, quick time movies) have been used in both the 40
student format and the large format section.
Student performance of two course SLOs were evaluated as part of the 08/09 program review
report. Performance on both multiple choice and short answer questions showed attainment of
the SLO by a majority of the students taking the course (90% on one question; approximately 80%
for a group of four related questions; and 55% complete success, 33% partial success on a short
answer question).
All of the required assessment activities listed in the course outline will be maintained in the
larger-format version:
In-class activities that allow students to self-assess their understanding of the material
•At least one essay assignment that requires a student to demonstrate their ability to organize
data, analyze data, and defend an opinion based on logical scientific reasoning.
•At least one examination that requires a student to demonstrate their understanding of earth
science concepts.
Three modifications have been made for the larger format course
1. Development of more detailed grading rubrics that allow for efficient grading of relevant
2. Use of class packet diagrams rather than actual maps in some of the activities.
3. Greater use of Blackboard to ensure students have access to all classroom presentation
materials (PowerPoint Slides, notes, web links, homework assignments).
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Date: 10-14-08
Division Chair/Director: Dave Bazard
Date: 10-14-08
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Academic Senate Approval Date: 11/21/08
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Approved by Curriculum Committee: Rev. April 11, 2008
Academic Senate Approval: April 18, 2008
Date: 11.14.08