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College of the Redwoods
Course should be re-submitted for large-class format approval every five years.
Date: 10/2/08
Course Proposed for Large-Class Format: Art 1B
Maximum Class Size on Course Outline: 40
Attach a copy of the course outline
Maximum Class Size proposed for Large Format Sections: 80
Describe how the instructor(s) will maintain the academic quality of the course offered in largeclass format. What pedagogical methods will be used to ensure student outcomes? (See course
Art History survey courses are well-suited to a large-class format. Since the bulk of
information presented by the instructor is in the form of slide lectures and interactive
discussions, a larger class actually helps to add to the energy and excitement in the
Assessment of student outcomes will be conducted through written research papers and
examinations. Over the course of the semester, the instructor will teach basic research
and paper writing skills, stressing on-campus resources such as the librarians, online
databases and the writing center.
Additionally, Blackboard will be used as a discussion forum for students to help each
other with concepts introduced in class. Articles relating to contemporary issues such
as the repatriation of artwork will be distributed and discussed via Blackboard. Students
will also have access to all slide lectures and much of the audio/visual content used in
class. For exams, instructor will provide students with flash cards via Blackboard to
facilitate memorization for the slide identification portion of the examination.
Submitted by: Garth Johnson/Cynthia Hooper
Tel Ext: 4320
Date: 10/2/08
Division Chair/Director: Justine Shaw
Date: 10/02/08
VP Academic Affairs: Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer
Date: 10/2/08
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Academic Senate Approval Date: 10/17/08
Board of Trustees Approval Date: 11/4/08
Academic Senate Approval: May 6, 2005
Date: 10/10/08