Student Development Assessment Group Agenda

Student Development Assessment Group Agenda
Tuesday, November 6, 10:00-11:00
Room SS102L (Special Programs Area)
1. Accreditation visit updates
o Keith and Cheryl met with visiting team member about SD assessment and the roll of
SDAG. Emphasized the group’s work in building sustainable processes. Program review
template is much improved this year for reporting assessment work. Focus is on closing
the loop and sustainability now. We will continue to improve – assessment reporting
software, artifacts site, plans still need details for student dev/serv areas (see below
under other).
2. Survey work
o IR suggested we email students to remind them to complete. Cheryl will do parature
request to send out Monday of next week in the morning. Have 180 responses
currently. Lisa and Jen B will meet tomorrow to see if changes to SEP and Orientation
for spring will lead to changes that warrant additional assessment in the spring to close
the loop. These processes are important to students and they are engaged in every
semester, so we may need to look at questions again too. Need to be careful of survey
“exhaustion.” Need to continue considering other assessment methods.
3. Assessment Thursdays –
o this Thursday we will look at other assessment methods and follow-up to the
survey/current assessment work; closing the loop. Title “Discuss of alternative to
surveys for assessment.” Share some best practices work from library assessment.
(Glendale i.e.)
o Comprehensive program review and assessment – can we do a review of others?
o Are we going to have follow-up on math/English pre-req with Peter Blakemore?
How can we tap into what students learn from other students? The skills they pick up from
own mistakes . . .
4. SDAG site
- Change agenda/notes dates so newest is on top. Cheryl will continue to update.
5. Program Review updates
PRC Agenda - Agenda: Schedule to Evaluate Student Services Program Reviews;
Update on Comprehensive Program Review Templates, Instruction, Student Services;
Discussion on Comprehensive Program Review for Administrative Services
Ruth – what does the committee see as the difference between annual and
comprehensive – what to focus on, the level of detail for the comps. We can look at
previous comprehensives – what worked, what didn’t?
6. Other - assessment resources on our library site from Ruth: