Student Development Leadership Group Notes

Student Development Leadership Group
Tuesday Oct 27, 2015, 11:30 pm – 12:30 pm
Present: Mark Winter, Sheila Hall, Cathy Cox, Julia Peterson, Cheryl Tucker, Rianne Connor, Tiffany
Schmitcke, Trish Blair, Lynn Thiesen, Crislyn Parker-support
1. Area Updates:
o Sheila: Received final SSSP funding numbers: credit total $994,000 ($350,000 over last year) and noncredit increase of $46,000. She will meet with the advisory committee to revise the SSSP plan (due
Friday). Counselor’s day is Friday, November 6, 2015.
o Julia: Received WIA funding of $103,000 and Adult Ed funding of $153,000. Per program review, last
year there were no non-credit students; this year there are 1500.
o Cheryl: Determining how to spend extra EOPS funding. Would like to brainstorm with co-workers.
Awaiting decision from Chancellor’s office whether carry-over will be allowed.
o Tiffany: Hiring a F/T SSS II position in Del Norte, to replace Kelly Wilson. Will send some staff to DN
in November to assist and train. Addressing errors to the 360 report.
o Trish: Year-end DSPS report completed and accepted. DSPS is expecting a 5% cut plus the $8,000 audit
o Lynn: B-Fap funding is decreasing and, next year, based on new regulations, students can lose their BOG
based on academic standings. One result of this can be decreased staffing in financial aid; as BOG funding
is tied to staffing.
o Kathy: Library is collaborating with other areas on campus. DE is reviewing any needs and changes for
next semester. KT will not offer telepresence courses, due to technology equipment issues. Cathy will
follow up.
2. Program Review: Reminder to submit before weeks end. Mark will send a draft of the OISD program review
to this group prior to finalizing.
3. Accreditation: Handout for review. Angelina will attend to review with the group in two weeks.
4. Enrollment Initiatives-PBSP: First classes start Tuesday, November 3: ED 220 with focuses in Math,
English and Study Skills.
5. Syllabus template: draft template-suggestions for revisions/corrections: indicate disruptive behavior applies to
any online as well as face to face. Add some language to the emergency procedures section about evacuation
communication between faculty and students with mobility issues. Current procedure: student(s) and faculty
remain on second floor until firemen rescue. Let mark know anything else.
6. BP/APS: BP/AP 5500 being revised due to new sexual assault requirements and to tighten up the procedural
process. BP/AP for service animals is being rewritten to comply with state law.
7. Staffing/Office Space-Enrollment Services, EOPS, Non-Credit: Mark will meet with individuals and tour
areas, in order to relieve the space issue.
8. Gripes/Rumors/Heads Up
o Interim Announcements: Interim application process required for second year term. Classified staff
interim positions have separate processes. Note: Current deans are considered faculty on leave; associate
deans are faculty with re-assign time. Re-assigned faculty MOUS must be updated annually.
o Athletic Fields Infrastructure: Inspections have determined our athletic fields are not ADA compliant
and are dangerous. Estimated repairs of $1M. It was decided to re-allocate the $700,000 in Measure Q,
which was earmarked for destruction of the old buildings, to repair the athletics fields. The $300,000
difference will have to be negotiated.
o Non-registered Student Issue: Policy dictates that students not registered in a class are not allowed in the
class; this is a liability issue.