Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy
The University’s Equal Opportunities Policy states:
“The University of Warwick, recognising the value of sustaining and advancing a safe
and welcoming learning environment, strives to treat both employees and students
with respect and dignity, treat them fairly with regards to all assessments, choices
and procedures, and to give them encouragement to reach their full potential.
Therefore the University strives to treat all its members on the basis of merit alone
and aims to eliminate unjustifiable discrimination on the grounds of gender, race,
nationality, ethnic or national origin, political beliefs, religious beliefs or practices,
disability, marital status, family circumstances, sexual orientation, spent criminal
convictions, age or any other inappropriate ground.”
We aim to provide a service of value and relevance to the needs of all students enrolled on
Warwick’s courses of study. We seek to raise aspirations and encourage students to
recognise the wide range of opportunities open to them. We aim to provide an environment,
programme and resource base that enables each student to maximise his/her potential given
their personal talents, ambitions and circumstances.
Our careers and skills education and guidance is impartial and unbiased. We ensure that,
through initial training and continuous professional development activities, Careers & Skills
staff have the knowledge and professional skills to support students from all backgrounds,
particularly with references to any specific barriers they may face, such as handling
discrimination, disclosure of disability or appropriate cultural awareness.
Within this framework we recognise that there are groups of students who, for specific
reasons, could face additional barriers in the pursuit of their careers. We offer enhanced
support through our guidance provision to such students which we hope will address
potential disadvantages. In particular we aim to support the needs of students who may
experience disadvantage on account of their gender, ethnicity, age, disability, social class,
sexual orientation, nationality*, spent criminal conviction or any other inappropriate grounds.
We advise and support recruiters using our services in their attempts to recruit a diverse
intake that reflects the richness of talent and ability in the UK student body. We can advise
on recruitment information that might breach the letter or spirit of UK equalities legislation,
and we reserve the right to refuse to accept vacancies we believe to be discriminatory.
The Centre for Careers & Skills participates in the University’s Equality Impact Assessment
as part of the institution’s statutory duty to promote equality of opportunity. This enables us
to ensure that our service is accessible to all users. We report to the University’s Equality &
Diversity Committee on destinations and usage by key diversity demographics.
This Statement forms part of the University of Warwick’s Framework of Policies on Careers
Education, Information and Guidance.
Thea Gibbs,
Head of Operations and Information