We have developed a half day training Residential settings

What is Who’s Challenging Who?
Who are we recruiting?
We have developed a half day training
course to help social care staff
understand the perspective and
experiences of people with a learning
disability whose behaviour has been
labelled as challenging.
Residential settings
supporting up to ten
adults with LD with at
least one adult who has
behaviour labelled as
What does it involve?
A manager or senior staff member, and one additional member of staff
will be invited to attend the training. We will ask both staff members to
complete questionnaires before and after the training, to monitor the
impact of the training on empathy and attitudes towards adults with a
learning disability and challenging behaviour.
Interested in hearing more?
Contact Rosie Knight, Research
Assistant, on 07823 362152, or
email R.E.Knight@warwick.ac.uk