Arriving in the Renaissance:

Arriving in the Renaissance:
Migration, Mobility and Hospitality in Europe and the Mediterranean
Workshop in the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance
University of Warwick
Thursday 5 June 2014
Ramphal Building 0.12
1.30-1.50pm Tea and coffee in Ramphal Building, foyer
1.50-2pm Welcome (Beat Kümin and Rosa Salzberg)
Fabrizio Nevola (Bath):
'Passando buon numero di viandanti': comings and goings in the streets of Renaissance
Italian cities
Rosa Salzberg (Warwick)
Structures of hospitality in Renaissance Venice: Reception or control?
David Rosenthal (Edinburgh):
'Andare in taverna': Going out and meeting up in early modern Italy
Beat Kümin (Warwick):
Arriving at Early Modern Inns: Iconographic and Literary Perspectives from the Holy
Roman Empire
4pm-4.30 Tea and Coffee
Matt Jackson (Warwick):
The Social and Cultural Reception of Strangers: Evidence from Bristol and Bordeaux's
Maarten Hell (Amsterdam):
Different folks, different welcomes: Arriving in migrant metropolis Amsterdam (15001700)
Felicita Tramontana (Palermo):
'As if the monastery were an inn and the friars were innkeepers': St. Saviour, Jerusalem,
as a facilitator of the circulation of people in the Mediterranean
6-7pm General discussion
Followed by dinner at Xanana's for all participants (7pm)
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