Page 1 Cameron University Banner Project November 13, 2008

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Cameron University Banner Project
Individual and Organization Notes
Individual and Organizations Overview
9:00 AM
Date November 13, 2008
Location Library Classroom
November 13, 2008
Jennifer Bowen
Jennifer Bowen, Hillary Ashton, Karen Echols, Angela Melton, Anna Swanson, Colleen Kuzinar, Jim Jackson,
Kim Vinson
Athletics Expectations
Discussion, Information
More organized way to communicate with and
organize donors: donations, correspondence,
meeting dates
Action Taken, Decisions, Recommendations
A donor history of giving
A way to identify and organize past donors from the
football era
One possible way to
meet athletic
Way to track ex-student athletes and ability to
organize and track both non-alumni and alumni
student athletes
Explore utilizing the web functionality to have self
identification and communication
Constituents will have categories identifying their
relationship with the university. Only the primary
records shows when you first look at the record
We will need to look at and rank the categories by
what we need to identify about the person when we
open their record
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Forms to Know
Cameron University Banner Project
Individual and Organization Notes
Discussion, Information
APAIDEN- Create a person or organization
November 13, 2008
Action Taken, Decisions, Recommendations
APACONS- Base form for adding a person as
an advancement individual. You create the base
advancement individual information. You must
have this form created to add other info.
AOAORGN- Base advancement organization
APASBIO- Summary of information about
Athletics Lists
Multiple lists. Main lists is 500, additional lists can
be more than less. Gold Club members 200.
Non- Alumni Donors
We have the ability to store the areas they like to
give in the Interests table
How do we/Do we want to migrate all of the athletic
donors with the remainder of the donors/alumni?
Do we want to wait until the system goes live?
Special Purpose
Item to discuss for
Advancement Officer
Self Service
What kind of relationships do we want to track?
Spouse, Children, etc.
What kind of interests do we want to track? Golf,
Travel, etc
This is where we can save information that doesn’t
fit into any other category. This should be used as
a last resort. Ex: Vegetarian
Harris Connect External Ratings. Where do we
want this information to come from? The actual
excel sheet or what has been put into Hp3000
Do/How much access to we want to give to
development officers to access constituent and
organization information online.
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Other University
Occupation Title
Cameron University Banner Project
Individual and Organization Notes
Discussion, Information
Handling all donations that are deposited into
foundation accounts. If we have each department
enter their gifts, They will also have access to all
the constituent information. If we maintain status
quo, we have to bring in all the other departments
into training
November 13, 2008
Action Taken, Decisions, Recommendations
We will also need to create standards up front for
how the information can be used. This is also an
issue for how information can be used university
wide. Also what information do we want to make
available to non advancement university officials?
Most universities have a central processing office
within the foundation or advancement office.
How are we going to handle this?
Colleen says best practice is to have every thing
flow through the foundation. We would have to
figure out how to overcome our staffing hurdle. If we
can’t we have to make sure ALL individuals doing
entry are well trained and we have checks and edits
in place. We would even need to make policies and
procedures require solicitation codes.
Staffing issues are addressed in the gap analysis.
Will we want the APACONS worksheet to be the
primary location for this or do we want to use the
employment history for the primary location?
Compile a reporting list.- This person will identify
and list what reports we will need to create and
keep track of where we store information in order to
generate these reports.- Hillary
Security Decisions- Someone to track and list what
decisions are made- Jennifer ( we will add a
worksheet to our to-do after go live list)
A to-do after go-live list. This will be the list of the
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Cameron University Banner Project
Individual and Organization Notes
Discussion, Information
November 13, 2008
Action Taken, Decisions, Recommendations
things we need to do after we convert our system.Jennifer
Have discussion and decide what we want to do
about the data. Where is it going to come from,
what is going into the new system, how far back
does the information go in order to get this