To be added to after first paragraph Part D Graduation Regulations

To be added to Part D Graduation Regulations
D3. Course Substitutions
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D3-1. Substitution/Replacement of a Required Course from a Degree Plan.
A substitute course is used to replace a required course from a Degree Plan. This occurs when
the required course is no longer offered or has been failed a number of times (see section C7).
The necessary conditions under which a substitution is permitted are:
1. A course can be substituted/replaced if it is defunct
2. A course to be substituted/replaced must be:
a. by another course or courses of equal or greater credits
b. taught in the same language.
3. A course cannot be substituted with University Elective course(s)
4. The substitution should be approved before it is registered by the student and requires
college and Deanship of A&R approval. (see attached form)
A substitute course is not an equivalent course.
Accordingly, in calculating the cumulative GPA for the degree, the grade of the substitute course
does not replace that of the failed course. The credits and grades of both courses are included in
the calculation. Note that substitution of elective courses from a degree plan is subject to
college approval only.
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