An Appendix

An Appendix
 1.
Did you meet with your advisor both
 2. Have you completed all your prescribed
courses and any high school deficiencies?
 3. Have you completed English 1010 and 1020?
 4. Have you made progress in taking Gen Ed and
foreign language courses?
 5. Have you stayed on top of all your deadlines?
 6. Have you identified specific questions or
concerns to discuss with your advisor?
1. Have you reviewed your degree plan with academic
 2. Have you chosen a minor or minors?
 3. Are you completing the number of hours and
keeping up with the GPA requirement of your
scholarship and/or the program you wish to enter?
 4. If you are a licensure student, have you completed
the process to be admitted to the licensure
 5. Have you completed English 2020/2030 and
English 3000?
 6. Have you completed your foreign language
Have you reviewed your degree plan with
academic advisor?
Have you filed an upper-division form and an
intent to graduate?
Have you finished the foreign language requirement
and all the general education requirements?
If you are a licensure student, have you met with your
YOED advisor and made necessary arrangements for
placement during the residency
If you are not a licensure student, have you begun
to explore career opportunities and ways in which
you may want to use your degree?
(Have you looked into internships, graduate programs,
career fairs, etc.)
1. Have you met with the College Graduation
Coordinator before preregistration for your last
 2. Have you contacted your advisor at least once this
academic year?
 3. Did you take the Major Field Test and/or any other
required exams?
 4. If you are a licensure student, are you on schedule
with all the residency-year requirements?
 5. Are you up to date with paying your MTSU bills
(including parking tickets) and taking care of
anything else that may keep you from graduating?