Cameron University Faculty Senate 3 PM January 15, 2016

Cameron University
Faculty Senate
3 PM January 15, 2016
Members present: Saeed Ahmad, Marie-Ginette Baillargeon, Cathy Blackman, Krystal Brue,
Shaun Calix, Irene Corriette, Mike Estep, Loree Gaines, Kevin Garrett, Bayard Godsave, James
Heflin, Dana Hilbert, Dwight Hite, Andra Hunt, Gary Kowaluk, Hong Li, Teresa Morales, Dejan
Mraovic, Roni Kay O’Dell, Deidre Onishi, Holly Rice, Lynda Robinson, Derik Steyn, Matthew
Mireles, Brenda Sweeney, Matt Van Sant, Linda Wright-Smith.
Guest: Dr. Margery Kingsley, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Lynda Robinson called the meeting to order.
The minutes from the last meeting on December 11, 2015 were brought up for approval. Linda
Wright-Smith made a motion to approve the minutes. After a second, the motion passed.
Committee Reports
Faculty Committee
Position statement on budget cuts. Dr. Jim Heflin brought a recommendation from the Faculty
Committee for the Faculty Senate to send a position statement to the Cameron University
administration not to consider the following when making decisions about budget cuts:
 eliminating OTRS employee portion paid by the University and require employee
 placing a cap on the OTRS employee portion paid by the University at the level of
$45,000 in annual salary, and require employee payment of the difference;
 eliminating the employee portion of the Health Insurance Program paid by the
University and require employee payment; and
 placing a cap on the employee portion of the Health Insurance Program paid by the
University at the level of $45,000 in annual salary, and requiring employee payment
of the difference.
Wording changes were proposed:
 It was suggested that if these cuts are made, they will be detrimental to faculty
recruitment and retention.
 Dr. Robinson proposed adding “When making budget cuts…” to the preface to the
 It was proposed adding that these recommendations should not be considered under
any circumstances.
 Dr. Shaun Calix proposed adding a list of cuts of which we approve, in addition to the
list of cuts we are against.
 It was further proposed that we consider adding 6 & 7 from the list distributed at the
General Faculty Meeting.
o #6 was salary reductions for those making above $80,000
o # 7 was closing faculty offices one day earlier each term and reducing compensation
A motion was made and seconded to approve the position statement.
Flex loading. Dr. Heflin brought the topic of flex loading back to the Faculty Senate for a vote.
Dr. Heflin reiterated the Faculty Committee’s position that flex loading is needed to assist
faculty pursuing research.
It was suggested that we again table discussion until we know whether faculty will be required to
teach a 15 hr. per semester load to help relieve budget pressure.
There was discussion about considering credit hour production in flex loading decisions, but
credit hour production considerations may be difficult due to variations in credit hour
productions between upper and lower division classes and graduate courses.
A motion was made to vote now on the issue by Dr. Wright-Smith, and was seconded by Dr.
Gaines. The vote for flex loading passed.
Promotion of non-tenure track faculty to Instructor/Lecturer II. Dr. Heflin stated that the
Faculty Committee is researching what other universities in the state do in relation to promotion
of non-tenure instructors/faculty.
Dr. Lynda Robinson discussed promotion after 5-6 years of service.
There was some discussion as to whether the Lecturer I position would include only teaching
duties, and Lecturer II position would add advising, service, and administrative duties. Many
noted that everyone in their department does all that anyway. The decision was made to take the
issue back to departments for consideration. Faculty can send comments to the Faculty
Committee; they meet again Jan 19th and will discuss this further.
New Business
Substantive Program Changes from Board of Regents
Gen Ed – A. A. S students will have to take Nutrition
Criminal Justice made changes:
 Went from 27 to 30 hours for major coursework
 Went from 15-12 hours for major electives
Meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM