Deans’ Council


Deans’ Council

October 20, 2011

Attendees: B. Barnett, E. Daffron, L. Chakrin, H. Nejad, S. Perry, E. Siecke, S. Rosenberg, E.

Saiff, C. Romano , B. Levy, and B. Varano.

B. Barnett opened the meeting and reminded everyone that when introducing a new or updated policy and procedure it must be submitted in proper policy format.

White House Policy

– B.Barnett welcomed B. Levy, director of International Relations, who presented a new policy for residence in the White House.

Certain wording changes and additions and deletions were noted. Management of the White

House rules and policies is overseen by International Education personnel.

B. Levy was encouraged to circulate the policy to the international education committee before it is sent to Provost’s council.

The Delaware Study

– B. Varano was asked to present to Deans’ Council on the Delaware

Study which is a national study on faculty productivity conducted by the university of Delaware.

It is an attempt to analyze the productivity in terms of credit hours taught by faculty members; and provides a norming basis of information. It also allows Ramapo to come to know, on average, what it is costing to produce per credit hour in different disciplines, how it varies across the campus, and how Ramapo compares with national norms.

There were questions raised about the raw data that will require further investigation. Once data concerns have been addressed, the data will be used to determine which programs are operating effectively and efficiently and how Ramapo compares to national norms.


- B. Barnett said the college cannot move into the process for granting sabbaticals for 2012-2013 until further notification from the state. The OEF made it clear that Ramapo may not carry forward the process leading to sabbaticals. Failure to comply can cause the state to withdraw appropriations to the college.

Program Evaluation

– There is a need to have more discussion on criteria for examining the viability of programs in Deans’ Council and with the faculty. B. Barnett has advised deans with programs with fewer than 30 majors that they must provide justification of why we should continue to offer that program. She has spoken with the

President of Faculty Assembly about collaboration with FA on the development of criteria and procedures.

Calendar for flex

– accepted and endorsed by deans’ council.

CEC Assessment Syllabus Review

– The Design Team is now divided into a number of working groups. The assessment working group of the Design Team reviewed a sample of syllabi of four credit undergraduate courses in fall 2011 for the presence of CEC criteria taken from the ARC Manual, whose criteria derive from the CEC policy and procedures.

E. Daffron stressed that Ramapo must show Middle States that we have policy and procedures for CEC that are followed.

B. Barnett asked E. Daffron to speak to the deans individually to see where problems exist when collecting data in a unit.

L. Chakrin noted that deans needed to know specifically what E. Daffron thought was missing from this review so that a correction could be made.

B.Barnett asked what action deans are doing now to prepare us for the 2 nd


S. Rosenberg asked E. Daffron to present this assessment review to his Unit Council.

Deans agree that they will specify a time at the next unit council meeting for E. Daffron to present the data to prepare for the second round of evaluation.

E. Daffron will meet with CWAC next week and present the current results.

Assessment of CEP

: Completed along with evaluation of the assessment.

B. Barnett asked for feedback from deans.

There was discussion on how we are using adjuncts in teaching.

B.Barnett - Looking for more in depth information in this area.

Discussion of faculty information entered on unit websites and in Sedona. B. Barnett asked deans to start planning for entering this information into Sedona.

E. Daffron recommended bringing this back to next Deans’ Council meeting for further discussion and review of each goal that is now summarized on last two pages of report.

Annual Report and proposed new template

. A discussion of the problems with five year program reviews had occurred in past Deans’ Council meetings . Current proposed review will consist of 3 different standalone documents:

Assessment of student learning – (last year).

Phase in new template for annual report. (this year)

Planning at convening group level that supports what is done at the school level (next year).

Discussion on working with the Cahill Center for information that can be provided to conveners (BEB followed up with Beth Ricca on 02 November).

There is a need to include a list of faculty in the program and to indicate if this is their primary or secondary convening group (faculty may only belong to two convening groups).

B. Barnett asked deans if they are willing to endorse moving the Annual Report

Guidelines forward.

E. Daffron asked that deans discuss this document with all conveners and gain feedback from the faculty.

This process does not rule out a request for an external review when data suggests a need.

Other announcements


Deans’ Lecture Series – only one proposal received. Discussion on whether series should be reopened and have a broader call?

S. Perry will send out another email on the series.

Enrollment Management Updates

: Beatrix is coming back from Stamats and is doing a workshop on how to roll out the integrated marketing campaign.

Marketing is working with Stamats to redesign skin of the Ramapo homepage.

Pushing Boundaries marketing campaign is beginning this weekend.

Billboard campaign will begin on November 7.

Update on COPLAC conference and attendees.

B. Barnett mentioned that sometime in the next three years Ramapo will need to host the Coplac

Undergraduate Conference (Update – this may not happen because of the great travel distance.

Discussion to hold conference at one of the three more central campuses will be concluded at the

January meeting).