College of Education & Allied Professions As of 07/21/2006

College of Education & Allied Professions
Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes
As of 07/21/2006
Department: Health & Human Performance
Program: B.S. Parks & Recreation Management
Program Goals:
Provide a curriculum emphasizing excellence in:
1. Leadership and decision-making.
2. Program Planning.
3. Administration.
4. Research.
5. Outdoor Leadership and Instruction.
6. Communication.
7. Career Search.
8. Foundations.
Student Learning Outcomes:
1. Apply leadership and decision-making theory to include: ethics, entre/intrapreneurship, management of human behavior, group dynamics, and
face-to-face leadership.
2. Plan programs to include: proposal writing, the planning process, risk management and marketing.
3. Identify and describe administrative functions to include: facilities, budgets, strategic planning, risk management, legal issues, policies, boards,
and supervision.
4. Practice basic research and evaluation techniques in recreation and leisure studies. This would include: needs assessment, descriptive
research, evaluative research and experimental research.
5. Lead and instruct safely in the wild outdoors to include: experiential education methods, outdoor emergency care, outdoor living skills, rescue,
adaptive techniques and interpretation.
6. Communicate in the following ways: written, verbal, facilitational, through computer use, and reading with comprehension the professional
7. Use the career search techniques of: resume and letter of application writings, interview techniques, and by receiving 4 work references for
internships completed while at WCU.
8. Describe and discuss the "foundations" of recreation and leisure services to include: social functions, historical aspects,
government roles, tourism philosophy, psychology, definitions, specialized services and natural resources use and management.
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