Ruben Dario School Library and Computer Center Siares, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Ruben Dario School Library and Computer Center
Siares, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
A building in the center of the Ruben Dario Elementary School campus sits empty and unused
while there is no place for housing library materials or a computer center. A room which
measures 786 cm x 584 cm inside would make a wonderful library and computer center for
the community of Siares. The Parents organization are willing to help with the labor and
providing night security for such a facility. The youth group named the Psicosocial Group
would act as afternoon/evening staff taking turns managing the facility and helping
individuals with the computers. Once Internet connection could be obtained, the computers
would be used similar to an Internet café with fees charged to cover the cost of the monthly
service. This would make the program self-sustaining.
The structure is sound and has minimal electrical service. There is plenty of natural lights
from the window openings but they are just covered with wire and must have tight windows
installed. The floor has a tile covering so it is smooth and quite satisfactory. A dropped
ceiling is required to keep birds and other living things out of the room protecting the books
and computers. Some prices still need to be acquired.
Electrical Rewiring w/ labor
Labor-ceiling, stucco, window and
door installation
Materials for ceiling
USD 179
USD 600
Furniture and Computers
Book Shelves
Study Tables and Chairs (Various heights for different aged clientel)
Computer tables (along one wall)
Computers- new units can be purchased in Managua for USD 655 each including taxes
Printer – a printer to serve all the computers is approximately USD 300 including taxes
Storage cabinet for toner, etc.
Service counter for staff.
A floor plan will be completed soon.