MESSAGE 1 Diversity Month: First in the Family

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MESSAGE 1 Diversity Month: First in the Family
Every family is special because every family different. Family can be formed by blood, marriage, or simply
by friendship. When living on a college campus, it’s important to understand that everyone has a story,
everyone has a background, but NOT everyone is raised under the same circumstances, values, or privileges.
Imagine. You’re back in senior year of high school. You’ve
just been accepted to Western Carolina University. You’re
excited to be accepted but you’ve realized know no one in
your family can help you now. This feeling occurs all the
time for First Generation College students. You work so
hard to college, but once you’re here then what? All
though there have been many success stories for a First
Generation College student, thousands of them are not
able to make it through the first year. Studies show that
many ‘first years’ begin to feel like they don’t belong in
college. There are people there that they can’t quite relate
to. Many have to juggle heavy course loads and long work
hours in order to stay in college. Some students even begin
to feel guilt for their success which often comes from the
criticism in their family. Overcoming these obstacles will
not be easy; it could be the difference between a life of
regrets and a life of triumphs. Before you’re ready to quit,
take the necessary steps to achieving your goals.
 First Be Proud of yourself! Making it to college is a huge success! Don’t let anyone take your happiness from you!
 Believe in Yourself! Trust in your abilities!
 WCU has many supportive staff and students who are willing to help you. Whether it’s through counseling, getting
you on a schedule or a friend who’s there and willing to listen.
Check out Student Support Services website. There you can find the help you need.
 Attend Seminars/Motivational Speeches
It may sound boring, but you may be surprised in what you can learn from authors and other successful people who
come to speak at school or locally.
 Money problems? You’re not the only one. Look online or go to Financial Aid in OneStop to better understand
what kind of Aid you’re getting. Learn about the loans you’re taking and ask about scholarships you’re eligible for!
MESSAGE 2 Announcements!
Your journey ---- Your goals
Sacred Music Sacred Dance
Wednesday, Sep 11; BAC Theatre7:30 – 9:30pm
$5 for students / $10 for Faculty/Staff/Community. On sale at the
Bardo Arts Center Box Office on August 6th. 828-227-2479
In recent years The Mystical Arts of Tibet tours, featuring the famed
multiphasic singers of Drepung Loseling monastery, have taken the
world by storm. Endorsed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a means
of promoting world peace and healing through sacred performing art.
Volleyball (Women’s)
Southeastern Louisiana Friday Sept. 6 ; 10:00am
Alabama , Saturday Sept. 7; 7:00pm
Soccer (Women’s)
Charlotte, Sunday Sept. 8; 2:00pm
*** For More Events this week visit, ***
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Discover College
Adapt to new environments and responsibilities - discover and use the resources available to you!
Be Involved
Identify and act upon your role and responsibility as an engaged citizen - be an active participant in your learning
Connect the Dots
Connect your personal interests and abilities, academics, and co-curricular activities as you make sense of the
Think First
Identify complex issues or problems – evaluate your options to make an informed decision - reflect on the
implications of your choice.
Exchange Ideas
Communicate appropriately and respectfully in a variety of formats and contexts.
Calibrate Your Compass
Examine your values and goals - take responsibility for your own learning and development - act with integrit