Zero Waste • What does it mean?

Zero Waste
• What does it mean?
– Zero waste is a philosophy that encourages the redesign
of resource life cycles so that all products are reused. No trash is
sent to landfills and incinerators. The process recommended is
one similar to the way that resources are reused in nature.
– It’s misleading, limiting, and intimidating while simultaneously
striving keep a larger goal at the forefront.
– “Zero Waste or Darn Close”
– Any action that reduces waste reduction can be classified as
contributing to the Zero Waste movement.
What’s Happening on Campus?
Preconsumer Waste at Dining Halls
Paper Towels
Styrofoam From Labs
Film Plastic
Redeeming Station
Lawn Clippings
Zero Waste Events (encouraged)
Zero Waste Working Group Ideas
• Improve Zero Waste Campus Events
• Promoting Zero Waste Offices – eliminating
single use/disposables: plasticware, cups,
impact of Keurig’s, etc.
• Campus Composting Initiative
• Unbottle Water Campaign (be the Core Team)
– Step-by-Step guide on Center For the New
American Dream
Hello Conference Attendees!
We are very excited to bring you this year’s conference
and we have a great line-up for you, starting with our
keynotes, followed by our break-out sessions and
vendor/resource fair.
Here are some quick logistics for you prior to the
Please cut and paste the following link into your internet
browser to download this year's CONFERENCE NAME
This link will open up a PDF for you. Please save it to your
Desktop and follow the instructions on the conference
name tag sheet. This will be your name badge for the
At the Registration Desk (Price Center East Ballroom
Foyer), the conference volunteers will supply you with a
clip style name badge holder. Please return the name
badge holder upon completion of the conference.
Please note: you do NOT need to print or bring the
Eventbrite “ticket.”
Our goal is to have a zero waste event, so we would
encourage you to plan ahead to determine which breakout
session(s) you would like to attend by reviewing the
schedule in advance
here: as well as by reviewing the description of each
session here: Moreover, the keynote information can be
found here:
For more information, please check out our social
media and website:
• Center For The New American Dream
• Zero Waste Home
• Trash is for Tossers