Worksheet for Ensuring a Meaningful Tutoring Experience

Worksheet for Ensuring a Meaningful
Tutoring Experience
The goal of this activity is to ensure that your visit to the Writing and Learning Commons (WaLC) or
Mathematics Tutoring Center (MTC) is a positive and productive experience. Visit the WaLC
( and MTC ( websites to learn more about the services offered.
Based on your classes, identify a service that could benefit you this semester.
Service: ___________________________________ Visit Reason: ____________________________________
Questions to Answer before the Visit:
o What do you hope to gain from this experience?
o What information will be helpful for your tutor, writing assistant, or academic skills consultant to know?
o How will you prepare for this session?
o What will you take with you to the session (a homework or paper assignment, a list of questions, your
textbook, your class notes, etc)?
Questions to Answer after the Visit:
o What did you gain from your experience?
o What suggestions would you give to your fellow students to help them prepare for a successful visit?