Special Report:

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Special Report:
We will launch a new round of conversations with new WCU students (freshmen and transfers) beginning on
February 17. If you would like to volunteer to make a few calls and check in on our new students (less than 10
per list), please let us know. We are eager to help introduce our new Catamounts to some of the amazing
faculty and staff here at WCU.
For more information or to volunteer, please contact Glenda Hensley: [email protected]
Patrick Frazier, Committee Chair
Family Table: Calling All Mentors!
First Generation College Students
Coordinated by Janina DeHart, Assistant Director of Academic Transition and Success, the Office of First Year
Experience working in coordination with other offices such as Student Support Services and Academic Initiatives,
will launch a series of initiatives aimed to support the needs and answer the questions of First Generation
College Students (FGCS) at WCU. One goal, as recommended by the FGCS Advisory Board, is to foster
opportunities to connect these students with faculty and staff who also were FGCS. Faculty and staff who share
this common ground are uniquely positioned to understand the challenges these students face and to serve as
role models of success.
If you are a FGCS and are interested to participate in upcoming social networking or workshop-type events
designed for FGC students, we would love to hear from you and to invite you to attend as events unfold. Please
contact Janina for additional information or if you have any questions.
Perspectives: 1960’s: Take it All In!
The WCU Magical Mystery Tour
Thursday, January 30, 2014 – 5:00 pm-7:00 pm
Blue Ridge Multipurpose Room
A showcase of important social, political, technological, scientific, and of course musical and artistic feats of
humanity that were achieved or endured during “The Sixties”.
1960’s: Take it all in!
---WCU’s 2013-2014 Interdisciplinary Theme
Are you looking for a way to connect the theme in your class?
From the Coulter Faculty Commons--- 10 ways to bring the 1960s to your classroom
Tool Box--- Tuesday Tips for Success!
Please invite your students to attend these workshops facilitated by some of our best experts! Workshops are
open to all first-year students – meaning freshmen, first-generation, and transfer students. The fall series was
quite successful with workshops that were informative, interesting, and relevant. Student evaluations
overwhelmingly concur – so join us for the next four weeks for Tuesday Tips for Success!
WHEN Tuesday’s at 5pm (each one hour)
WHERE Blue Ridge Multipurpose Room
Date & Skill Set
Workshop Title
Pathways to Civic Engagement: Servant Leadership & Service-Learning
Facilitated by: Dr. Lane Perry
Why should you be a civically aware and engaged citizen? What does it matter and who does it matter to? Come
sit back, engage, explore, and learn about your value to the community and how to channel your personal realm
of possibility. As usual… the choice is yours.
Don’t Get Testy! Improve Your Test Preparation and Test Taking Strategies
Facilitated by: The WaLC Team
Do you get tripped up by multiple choice tests, freaked out by essay questions, or anxious about timed exams?
This Workshop introduces you to the best test preparation and test taking strategies.
Master Communicator: From Socrates to Colbert -- pop culture and icons
Facilitated by: Dr. Margaret Bruder
When we think of “master communicators,” we typically call up examples of individuals who are great public
speakers, able to combine words and pictures to hold mass audiences enthralled. This view, fortunately, is only
half of the equation. We will explore communication as a two way street, focusing at how we "sample" pop
culture to present a "self" from the collection of our interests.
Tech-know for Life! -Technology Tips and Cool Tools
Facilitated by: The Technology Commons Team
Increase your brain capacity and your productivity by learning how and why to integrate technology into your
life, no matter what your focus! We will cover various tools and resources to pump up your use of technology.
USI --Teaching Transition
Do you enjoy working with first-year students? Do you enjoy helping students discover their passion for
learning? Do you enjoy mentoring students in transition? If you have answered yes, perhaps you may want to
consider the prospect of teaching a section of USI 130 (our FYE Transition course) for the fall of 2014?
What is a transition course?
These 1-credit courses are designed to help students make a seamless and holistic transition to their new
community at WCU. Students will:
• Learn about campus resources, procedures and policies.
• Learn to negotiate college life successfully.
• Discover opportunities for extra-curricular activities.
• Learn to be intentional in your educational and personal goals.
• Explore the scope of the world around you and your place in and impact on that world.
If you are interested to learn more – please contact Glenda Hensley—email: [email protected] or (227-2786)
Please feel welcome to share this information with colleagues you believe interested and a good fit for USI.
CEO Reminders---Calendars – Events – Opportunities
Student Life Calendar: For a complete listing of what's going on for students from intramurals, to concerts and
lectures, to organizations, arts and culture, and so much more....
Events Calendar: Information on arts and culture at WCU - plays, concerts, art exhibits, films, and more...
Service Learning: Current Events
ACE: Arts and Cultural Events Calendar
Coulter Faculty Commons Calendar
9 Annual Service Learning Fair
Tuesday, January 28th
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
University Center Grand Room.
The Fair is a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to learn about service opportunities in the
area, and to establish partnerships with local organizations. We will host groups that specialize in a variety of
areas, including poverty-related issues; children, youth, and education; the environment; culture and history;
health and wellness; and recreation. We hope to see you there!
EXTREMES Fair: Celebrate Your Major
Wednesday, February 5th from noon until 5 PM
University Center
The Office of Leadership and Student Involvement is proud to present the
EXTREMES Fair. This event will bring together various academic and
student success departments for an all-day fair designed to answer questions or address concerns students may
have, including major selection, career planning, academic advising, study abroad opportunities, and more.
Following our information fair at noon, our keynote speaker Dr. Will Keim will give a speech on how students
can maximize their academic and personal success in the UC Theater at 2 PM. The fair will continue with
breakout sessions on academic success, job searching tips, graduate school application procedures, campus
involvement and study abroad opportunities from 3 -5 PM.
The theme is Celebrate Your Major. Students should dress up based on what someone would wear at a job in
their major field of study. Those students who are celebrating their majors on this day will receive a free t-shirt!
The Writing & Learning Commons
The WaLC is offering two new services this spring:
 Writing tutoring at HHS and Biltmore Park: Students taking classes at HHS or Biltmore Park can now
schedule 1-on-1 appointments with writing tutors at these locations. Students can schedule
appointments by calling 828-227-2274 or by logging in to TutorTrac from the WaLC homepage.
 International Student Consultations: In collaboration with International Programs and Services, the
WaLC has identified four International Student Consultants who will supplement the academic support
already available in the WaLC and Mathematics Tutoring Center. Consultants will provide opportunities
for International students to practice and receive feedback on conversational skills and will help these
students to interpret class assignments and faculty expectations.
For questions about any WaLC or Mathematics Tutoring Center services, please contact:
 Chesney Reich, [email protected], 227-2273
 Mattie Davenport, [email protected], 227-3426
 Nory Prochaska, Mathematics Tutoring Center, [email protected], 227-3830
We are highlighting our Stress Management program this
semester. This program discusses sources of stress, the impact of
stress, and tips on coping with stress.
See the CAPS website to learn more about the free and confidential weekly groups offered by Counseling &
Psychological Services (CAPS). Call CAPS (828-227-7469):
 For Consultation: You have concerns about a student and wish to talk to a counselor about your
 To request Outreach: CAPS staff can provide outreach programming on a variety of mental health
Career Services Peer Career Mentors!
Peer Career Mentors offer students on-location guidance and support from their Mobile Mentoring Station at
locations across campus. They can critique resumes, teach students how to search for jobs, showcase resources
like Perfect Interview and Focus 2, and help research careers. Please look for their yellow table, and refer
students to the PCMs for help with any of these tasks. Their schedule for the semester is
here: http://www.wcu.edu/WebFiles/Spring2014PCMTableLocations.pdf
PEAKS Potty Times
Western Carolina PEAKS disseminates a newsletter called the Potty Times every two-three weeks which includes
toilet teasers, words of wisdom, campus events, etc. If you would like for us to advertise a specific event in the
calendar section, please Contact Laura Ansley, Department of Residential Living.
Campus Dining for Faculty and Staff
Add 15 Meal Plan The Add 15 plan is the most popular meal plan for faculty and staff. It is a 15% discounted
rate over door price and you may get as many of those plans as you would like. This plan is $106 before
tax. This unfortunately cannot be payroll deducted at this time. Sign up through the One Stop ext. 7170.
$5 Fridays Every Friday all day it is $5 for the dining hall for everyone! Bring the family or the office over to
celebrate the end of the week!
Facebook You can like us at www.facebook.com/WCUCampusDining.
Website and Mobile Nutrition App You can check out our menus for the dining hall online and look up other
information at http://westerncarolina.campusdish.com.
Resource File
Blackboard --- reference and participate in the Transition Pathways Course site....
Education Briefcase – resources and information for students and for faculty……….
CFC on the Web --- help with teaching, technology, and more--- helping you do what you do better!
OrgSync --- the place for student clubs and organizations and other co-curricular opportunities .
First-Year Seminar: Liberal Studies – resource guide for faculty teaching the first-year seminar …
Transition Pathways: An instructor resource - resource guide for FYE transition course instructors …
FYE on the Web --- many resources and network links to help you along the way …..
FYE Message Board – A weekly e-journal for and by FY students.
Engage students in the conversation of learning and experience – with each other!
The next regular publication will be February, 2014 --- please let me know if you want to share
updates about programs, events, or other opportunities for teaching and learning in FYE!
Glenda Hensley, FYE Director [email protected]