This is the template for your brochure. You

This is the template for your brochure. You
can erase this information and put in your
This document was created in Microsoft
Word. You can use another software
program but you might need to create your
own template.
1. To set up your document:
Under "File" select "Page Setup".
On the "Paper Size" tab, select "Landscape"
and letter size and click "OK".
Under margins set to .5” all around.
2. Set-up the number of columns
Click "Format" and select "Columns"
Choose the number of desired columns
(Usually two or three)
3. Set-up the width and spacing
Remain in the "Format"---"Columns"
Click the up or down arrows in the "Width
and Spacing" section for the desired look.
To change the column width for individual
columns deselect "Equal Column Width"
and make the desired changes. Click "OK"
So you see this one is set up for three
You can insert pictures and text. Make sure
they are centered and spaced correctly.
Have Fun!