Minutes October 9, 2012 Guild Office

October 9, 2012
Guild Office
Velma Butler, AFT1521A; Annie G. Reed, 911 Teamsters; Manny Rangel, Local 99; Leila Menzies, Business Services;
Barbara Harman, Retiree (Staff Guild); Luis Arida, IBEW Local 11; Ken Takeda, West/MGT; Sue Carleo, President
Valley College; Manny Rangel, Local 99; Galen Bullock, SEIU 721; Susan Aminoff, AFT; Armida Ornelas, Faculty
Guild; Ethel McClatchey, Retiree; Dorothy Bates, Staff Guild 1521A; Amy Roberts, AFT 1521; Don Sparks, Faculty;
Nancy Carson, Teamsters Retiree; Gary Delaney, WFIS; Kristin Yokoyama, WFIS; Terri Mendez, WFIS
Call to Order: 9:40 a.m.
Approval of the 10/9/2012 Agenda: Approved
Approval of the 9/11/2012 Minutes: Approved
Public Comments: CalPERS Customer Service # is an issue. There appears to be a long wait when
calling. Should JLMBC help the retired employees? Ask Terri to see if she can assist with this problem.
Employees should be educated as to who to call; whether it’s the insurance company directly or
CalPERS. Leila will look into this issue.
Health Benefit Unit Report
Employee Benefit/Contracts/Policy Expirations: Handout (attached) – Last meeting we decided to
market MetLife Life & Accident. We market every 5 years. Group agreed to do an RFP for selffunded vision plan which will include the review of provider network and plan design. Timing would
be during the first quarter for a 1/1/2014 effective date. EAP RFP will be done as well. Target around
March 2013. Need to educate the employees about the current EAP so they understand the plan
better. Communicating the plan may be improved. Review the current EAP contract in detail. Put on
November agenda to reconsider the EAP marketing and to review the contract. Comment made for
EAP to be more proactive. Part of our focus is to review the plans and prices.
Revisit Process for Adjuncts: 10/25 next meeting – keep on Nov. agenda
Annual Open-Enrollment/Initial Report: Per Leila, OE went smoothly – keep on Nov. agenda.
Retiree CalPERS Premiums Update: There is a problem with data base regarding STRS retired
employees. CalPERS does not have the date of hire. CalPERS used a “fake” date. They are trying to
program this information. Leila explained that we need to manually give CalPERS the information as
needed. Current remedy (which affects those from last September 2011 to current): 100% of
premiums have been deducted from retired employees pension check in error. (i.e. vested retired
employees). 83 retired employees are affected. CalPERS has the wrong hire date in their system.
Terri McIntire is handling each issue. How can the overpaid premiums be refunded immediately?
Ed Code 7000 Update – Issue: are employees and classified employees aware of this? Is Ed Code 7000
specific to classified or not? It appears only to certificated employees. Go to legal department for further
clarification. Current status is that we are waiting to hear back from legal. Rate that is charged is the
COBRA rate. Are Adjuncts entitled? They would have to be retired through STRS and participate in the
plans. Group recommends to add the classified employees. Keep on November agenda.
Goals and Objectives
A. JLMBC Retreat 6/12/2012 Handout (attached)
1. Group has concerns with “Background” description. Language should change to “members of
the 6 bargaining units JLMBC worked with members of the LACCD administration”.
2. See notes on “The Role for the JLMBC” #1: Delete “enjoyed by all employees”
3. Refer to #4 on handout: “as a hub for new employees”. Should be: “as a source of information
for all employees…” Per Susan, District website includes generic information. She recommends
involvement at the district level. We need to review and see what’s missing, which is good timing
since the district is updating the portal. Discussed the thought of a “Trainer”, which we had in
the past. Bring a group together to discuss how to centralize Goals and Objectives – Manny,
Velma, Annie, Leila, and Armida have volunteered as participants for the “Task Force for
Benefits Orientation Committee”. Add this topic to November agenda. A new paragraph was
discussed to replace #4. Group agreed to have Leila speak to Adriana. Add to November
Agenda: “HR Rep. to meet with group and discuss”.
4. Regarding #7 on handout – How involved do we want to be? Do we want to be proactive and
how to be proactive on specific pension issues? How shall we better communicate the topics
like 457s and 403b? Are the resources online? Include the Supplemental Retiree program
information during the orientation. There is also information on the website. We need to better
educate everyone as to what is available online. Has this been discussed as the portal is being
updated? Discussed the ideas of different communication options such as webinars, videos, etc.
Communications Committee Update
A. Newsletter Update
1. Group discussed the section: “Who Can I Call if I have Questions?” Need to change CVS
to Anthem Blue Cross CVS Caremark Member Services.
2. What’s changing? What is Medicare Part D?
3. Add a comment about Kaiser Senior Advantage members
B. Communications Committee Budget Proposal – Handout: Discussed #1-4 items. (mail
hardcopies to item 1,2,4 where #3 is emailed only) Approved! Process: share ideas with committee
for final approval.
Medicare Draft Medicare Part A Enforcement Update
Handout: “Conditions….letter D”: group explained how deductions and qualifications were handled
if employee’s hire date was before 1986, but some employees did not comply with the process.
Some employees opted out due to Social Security. If a retiree is over 65, retiree should not be on
the Active Basic Plan! Does district have the authority to remove those members who are incorrectly
enrolled? Leila is working on. Group suggests having Leila’s department run a retiree report of
those retired employees incorrectly showing on the Basic Plan in order to review the fiscal impact keep on agenda for next month
Wellness Update – LACCD will offer 10 Worksite Health Expos at a minimal cost, which includes setup,
handouts and clean up at no cost through Health Connections. Screenings are free (some are free,
where some are at cost). Need sponsors in getting flu shots. Online Health Risk Assessments could be
offered, then educate those members based on the results, which will promote health awareness.
Proposal is being discussed and will give an update at next meeting. WFIS can offer a resource too. Well
COA, a national coalition, helped develop a program designed for clients.
Adjourn – 11:42am
The JLMBC is a joint labor/management success story that was organized in 1992.
Members of the LA Faculty Guild worked with members of the LACCD administration to
agree on the composition, voting, and scope of the committee.
The role and objectives set forth below were contributed by both labor and
management representatives at the Retreat held at LAVC on June 12, 2012.
The Role of the JLMBC
1) The JLMBC labor and district representatives work collaboratively to preserve
the health benefit program enjoyed by all employees.
2) The JLMBC works to position our benefit program with respect to changes in
health care delivery brought about by health care reform.
3) The JLMBC has a responsibility to communicate effectively with employees
regarding our benefit program. Employees should understand what their
benefits cost, and who pays for them.
4) The JLMBC should function as a hub for new employees. We should push out
information so that people know where to go on the web to learn about the
array of benefits and how they work.
5) Although we are in the CalPERS Medical Program, the JLMBC is still responsible
for selecting the vision, dental, EAP and life insurance providers.
6) An important function of the JLMBC is to construct a sustainable and funded
wellness education program with participation of district trustees.
7) The JLMBC should be involved in the district’s supplemental retirement program.
2013 Objectives
1) The JLMBC should work with the new Consultant to develop a workplan for the
upcoming year that has measurable objectives that can be evaluated.
2) The JLMBC should consider early renewal of our life insurance program to take
advantage of the soft market.
3) The JLMBC should consider a districtwide EAP survey to determine what people
want and expect from our EAP provider.
4) The JLMBC should clarify the format of the EAP report.