District Planning Committee October 7 , 2011

District Planning Committee
October 7th, 2011
District Office [811 Wilshire]
Present: Anna Badalyan (Trade-Tech), David Beaulieu (District), Lourdes Brent (Trade-Tech),
Ran Gust (East), Cathy Iyemura (District), Tom Jacobsmeyer (Valley), Deborah Kaye (District),
Fran Leonard (West), Sarah Master (District), Maury Pearl (District), La Vergne Rosow (Valley),
Jim Stanberry (Harbor), Rebecca Tillberg (West)
1. Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the April 29th, 2011 and June 8th, 2011 meetings were
2. Accreditation: Deborah Kaye distributed a District accreditation calendar and reviewed
important dates. Sea-side colleges are scheduled to present their accreditation reports at the
Institutional Effectiveness Committee on Dec. 14th. Vice-Chancellor Delahoussaye has
requested that these reports be sent to her by Nov. 23rd. City-side mid-term reports are
scheduled to be approved at the Feb. 22nd meeting. Deborah reviewed best practices, such as
the templates for evaluation of shared governance committees and shared governance
handbook. She also noted pitfalls in the self-study process relating to the self-evaluation, the
written report, evidence, and actionable improvement plans. Deborah reported that she and
other District representatives are planning to attend the upcoming Strengthening Student
Success Conference. It will include sessions on expectations for SLO proficiency and sharing of
best practices for SLO assessment. Deborah also distributed a handout containing tips for
getting to SLO proficiency and recommended the Mt. SAC website for user-friendly white
papers on this topic.
3. IES Demo: Rebecca Tillberg provided an overview and status of the IES (Institutional
Effectiveness System). Phase I of this project, Program Review, is completed, in production,
and currently available to be configured by the colleges. Some colleges have started doing this
system setup. Rebecca demonstrated the features of the program review system, screens
corresponding to different program review topics, and answered questions concerning access,
implementation, navigation, and reporting. There was also discussion about the involvement of
campus shared governance in adoption of IES.
4. Focus Groups: Maury Pearl described the focus group activities conducted in support of
District Strategic Plan. Focus groups were led by outside facilitators at all campuses and the
District Office. There were separate focus groups for faculty, students, staff, and administrators
at each location. In addition, a focus group session was also held at the District Academic
Senate Summit (on 09/23/11). The focus group responses are being input into a database and
will be returned to the colleges. The District Research Office also plans to categorize and
analyze the responses so that preliminary results can be presented at the next District Strategic
Planning committee meeting (on 10/21/2011). There was not sufficient time to review the results
of the focus group sessions conducted for the District Strategic Plan. This item will be discussed
at the next DPC.
Next Meeting:
Friday, October 28, 2011, 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
District Office, 811 Wilshire, 2nd Floor Conference Room