These may be in original, hard copy or electronic format and may include your own documents and/or those provided by your trading partners.

Documents may include engineering drawings, specifications, procedures, manuals, books or magazines, contracts, policies or any other type that requires identification and control.

The electronic version of the document (word docs, excel,

.pdf files, drawings etc.) Can be linked to the matching document revision in the document master and can thus be viewed on-line if the user has the required security classification.

Documents in document master are in turn (where applicable) linked to parts and products, orders, contracts, employees, divisions or any relevant data key in the ERP system.

The functionality includes document distribution to employees or organizations and features electronic notifications, confirmation of document receipts and returns and comprehensive change – and distribution history.

The full worth of the document management application resides in its seamless and native integration with the engineering baselines and all supply chain activities that ensures much enhanced change control and ensures that items and products are manufactured and procured as per correct drawings and specifications.

Some special features of Qmuzik Document Management include:

• Document Meta data – Extensive provision is made to define and describe documents.

This includes document numbers, titles, sheets, datebased revisions, security classification, distribution media, life cycle phase, ownership and responsibility, grouping, location, level of change control and multi-level document structures. In addition to structures, associated documents can also be linked.

Keywords to enable enhanced document searches are also provided for, as is multiple user-defined additional characteristics per document type to further describe the attributes of a document (e.g. publisher, author, 1 st addition, Dewey number etc.).

Document types and groups assist in defining default values and rules for distribution media and change control and also enable document searches by type or group.

• Change control – Options for change control are provided per document and document type. These may range from “No control” to “Strict control” where an authorized Engineering change approval is required to add- or delete document revisions. These change proposals have embedded workflow for approval and implementation and sends electronic notifications to all employees /organizations to which the document was

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l distributed to take note of the new pending or implemented revision.

It also auto-freezes the previous revision to prevent distribution of old versions to employees or to the supply chain (but this can be overridden by a document administrator).

Rules can also enforce the physical return of older revisions prior to the distribution of the latest revision to ensure that the shop floor, suppliers or employees are not accidentally or otherwise in possession of invalid- or obsolete document versions.

• Document Distribution – Caters for the distribution of documents for the purpose of information, document reviews/updates, for manufacturing or purchasing or for the distribution of subscription magazines or library books

.Options are provided for distribution methods of documents (original, hard copies or electronic). The system auto-creates document receipts where receipt confirmation can be either manual or electronic.

Document ‘return-by-dates’ can also be specified and interactive internal mail and Email is embedded to prompt users for actions or to notify users of unconfirmed receipts or returns or new revisions that are distributed.

• Document Analysis – Document Analysis enables you to search and inquire on documents by applying various search filters that are provided via on-line work benches.

Documents can be filtered via type, group, title, status, keywords, ownership, status, responsibility, attributes and many more.

Analysis of document distribution, distribution history, receipt confirmations, returns, transfers and many more is also provided.

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