Student Accounts & Cashier Services Fall 2013 Billing Information st

Student Finances First
Student Accounts & Cashier Services
Fall 2013 Billing Information
Fall 2013 pre-registration E-bills for Undergraduates were uploaded on July
18th and are due August 7th. Students are expected to pay all charges or
will have their Fall schedule dropped.
The Fall TealPay 4 tuition payment plan will be available through August
7th. The Fall TealPay 3 tuition payment plan will open on August 16th. For
plan information visit our Website.
Graduate students and Undergraduate students registering after August 7th
will have a bill due date of August 29th.
Attention Financial Aid Students!
Volume 1 Issue 16 August 2013
Contact Information
Your financial aid WILL NOT disburse to your student account until
action is taken. Please read carefully.
UNC Wilmington
Cashier’s Office - Student
601S College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403 - 5926
Due to the implementation of a new automated process, ALL financial aid students must
submit a new Title IV Authorization Form, even if you have completed one in years
past. This new form can be accessed through SEANET. You must answer “YES” or “NO” to the
following two questions:
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Authorization to Apply Federal Financial Aid to Non-Institutional Charges
Authorization to Apply Current Federal Financial Aid (up to $200) to Prior Year
In order to ensure that your financial aid is disbursed on time and any anticipated E-refunds are
received by the first day of classes, you must complete this action no later than Monday,
August 11, 2013. Failure to complete this action by the deadline date above may result in a
delay in disbursement of your financial aid, as well as, any anticipated refund. Further, if you do
not complete the Title IV form by August 29, 2013, your classes are subject to cancellation.
Should you have any questions regarding this action, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.
Keeping In Touch and
Helpful Links
Student Accounts
TealPay Payment Plan
This new program allows students
to charge books and related school
Housing & Residence Life
supplies to their student account
up to $700 each Fall and Spring
Auxiliary Services
Campus Dining
Financial Aid
and $300 for both summer
sessions. Please visit this website
If you have not already done so, please setup your Erefund account now via E-bill . Failure to set up an Erefund account will result in a check that can be picked up
on Fridays from 2-4PM only.
Term health insurance is
Frequently Asked “FAQ’s”
The deadline to opt out is 9/10/2013.
August 21 – is the first day E-refunds will be available in
student checking/savings accounts.
for enrollment and more
required for all students. If you have not
submitted a health insurance waiver form, a
health insurance charge of $688 will be
posted to your account. Visit the Health
Services website for more information.
Helpful Links
August 14-16: Refunds will be posted to student accounts
in preparation of disbursement.
Important Dates
July 30
Aug 7
Aug 7
Aug 15
Aug 21
Aug 28
Aug 29
Aug 29
5 TealPay Payment Plan deadline
4 TealPay Payment Plan deadline
Pre-registration Payment Due
Grad E-bill Upload
Fall Classes begin
Last day of Add/Drop
3 TealPay Payment Plan deadline
Final Payment Due – all charges due