ADRC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes DATE: May 4, 2010

ADRC Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
DATE: May 4, 2010
PRESENT: Maureen Henry, Lorna Koci, Debra Mair, Scott McBeth, Trecia Carpenter,
Yvette Woodland, Michael Styles, Carrie Schonlaw, Marilyn Hammond, Mark
Smith, Louise Tonin, Brooke Plumlee
Andrew Riggle, Bill Young, Chandler Menteer, Helen Rollins, Michelle
EXCUSED: Nancy Bentley, Juliana Preston, Judith Holt
Review Minutes
Reviewed and approved minutes.
Dept. of Workforce Services presented their online application for
benefits (financial, food stamps, medical), on the eREP
(electronic Resource & Eligibility Product), which integrates
eligibility and benefit calculations for social service programs.
There are 32 different Medicaid applications. Options counseling
protocols will address how to best integrate these tools and other
resources into the Options Counseling programs. Yvette was
asked what percent of those accessing DWS online are aged
65+. DWS has two LTC teams; they do not do home visits.
Outreach is challenging to the aging and disabled; many to not
have computers, have visual or hearing impairment, have limited
transportation, and no advocate. AAAs do home visits and could
assist with online applications if a Memo of Understanding is in
place with DWS. More discussion is needed on how DWS and
AAA should interface on waiver applications.
A goal is to have organizations and processes work together
rather than duplicate each other, and that this should be
addressed in the five-year plan due August 2011. Instead of
“Single Point of Entry” the key phrase should be “No Wrong
Door.” Regarding goal #5 Care Transitions, cross-training DWS,
ADRC and hospital discharge planners to collaborate will be
useful, but since it is not stipulated by the grant, it will be
addressed in the future.
Site Visits
Contact with Social Security and the VA has not been successful,
but Terry Schow at the VA may be a source for assistance.
Maureen reported that the site visits were good learning
experiences; particularly in seeing opportunities for the CILs and
AAAs to work together, because they both work very differently.
The next steps include pulling together for 5-year plan and
options counseling protocols.
May 25 will be the first protocols/options counseling meeting;
Louise will schedule.
Yvette will find and report on
the number of online DWS
users are aged 65+ and those
Strategic Planning subcommittee will begin meeting to
work on the 5-year plan.
A monthly newsletter will be developed.
Louise will schedule the May 25
protocols/options counseling
The logo options were reviewed and the most recent version was
Louise will develop a monthly
Brooke will order ADRC logo
Submitted by: Brooke Plumlee
Date: 5/12/10