Stephen Toulmin

Stephen Toulmin
Authored numerous works – two of the most
important being:
The Uses of Argument (1958, 2003)
Foresight and Understanding: An Inquiry Into
the Aims of Science (1961)
Graduated: Kings College, Cambridge, 1942
Doctorate moral sciences: Kings College, 1948
(under Ludwig Wittgenstein)
Taught at Oxford and Leeds (1948-1960)
1960: Director: Nuffield Foundation’s Unit for the
History of Ideas (London)
1965: Moved to the United States and taught at
Brandeis, Michigan State University, University
of Chicago, and Northwestern University
1993-2009: Center for Multiethnic and
Transnational Studies, University of Southern
Retired: Summer, 2009. Died: December 4, 2009
Toulmin’s “Layout of Argument” was introduced
to rhetorical study by:
Wayne Brockriede and Douglas Ehninger,
“Toulmin on Argument: An Intrepretation and
Application.” Quarterly Journal of Speech.
February, 1960. 44-53.
The Toulmin Diagram was introduced to the basic
course by:
The Toulmin Diagram was introduced to
argumentation and debate by:
James C. McCroskey. “Toulmin and the Basic
Course.” The Speech Teacher. March, 1965.
Austin J. Freeley. Argumentation and Debate.
San Francisco: Wadsworth Publishing Co.