Sydney Michell Evans, Student Representative Fall Overview

Sydney Michell Evans, Student Representative
Report to Winthrop University Board of Trustees
Friday, November 6, 2009
Fall Overview
The Council of Student Leaders had its retreat in early September. We were
able to make a list of our goals and expectations for the upcoming school year
and formed committees that would work to address issues that we find to be
relevant to students.
Campus Safety
o Held a forum on Safety Issues Nov. 4th
o Working to find innovative and pragmatic approaches to addressing
safety concerns in areas adjacent to campus
o Finishing a survey for students to assess whether the needs of
students are being met by University departments
o Is looking into several modes of addressing the transportation
issues that many students face
 Cab service
 Zipcar
 WU Bike system
Community Involvement
o In working with the President’s Office, has constructed and sent out
a letter to local businesses trying to build community support for the
University in the attempt to increase school spirit here in Rock Hill.
Campaign College Grant
Homecoming 2009