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 Monday, November 9, 2015 Digs 114-­‐ 7:00 P.M. I. Call to Order by: Ray McKetty at 7:00 p.m. II. Roll Call by: Michaela Dunbar A. Present: Ray McKetty, Alexander Nowlin, Michaela Dunbar, Tristan Proctor, Khadesia Barmore, Ashley Briggs, Maria Clarken, Andrew Brown, Amandine Farrugia, Tyler Holliday, Cameron Benton, MJ Miller, Hayley Neiling, Diante Gibbs, Brandon Sherrod, Dr Edward Lee, Dean Bethany Marlowe, Keymo Walker, Macy Ruple, Erick Gonzalez, Kaala Maple, Sydney Cope, Elle Plattenburger, Tiraney Mills, Mikayla Catoe, Tyra Holcombe, Sara Oliveira, LaVerne Page, Beth West, Ke’Asia Lance, Shanavia James, Taylor Moore, Zach Lane, Ximena Perez Velazco, Matthew Hatchell, Eva Owusu, Amelia Beilke, Ta’Niss Robinson B. Absent: Jesse Motte, Akchita Singh III. Approval of the Minutes A. Minutes: i.
Motion: Macy Ruple ii.
Seconded: Keymo Walker iii.
Approved by: all present B. Agenda: i.
Motion: Sydney Cope ii.
Seconded: Kaala Maple iii.
Approved by: All Present IV. Chartering Organization A. SC Education Association
Existed in the past, needs to be re-chartered
Open to anyone who wants to work with children iii.
Book Drive is being planned iv.
50 people interested 1. Motion A.
a. Approve: Mj Miller b. Seconded: Ke’Asia Lance c. Approved by: All present Student Allocations Committee Report
a. $17,263.62 Remaining
b. Interviews on Nov. 6 cancelled
C. Committee Reports a. Communications i.
#TellItAllTuesday results ii.
Why is there no Chickfila iii.
Need better food in Thomson iv.
Need more food options in Digs v.
There is no temperature control in dorms vi.
Want 24 hour gym vii.
Need more steady wifi viii. Quiet hours not enforced ix.
Need more commuter parking x.
More school pride in athletics xi.
HMXP should be waived for post-­‐traditional students xii.
Need more black professors to represent the studens xiii. Need equal representation in the theatre plays xiv.
Not enough NPHCs on campus xv.
Put in a Bessie Moody statue xvi.
CSL needs more social media outreach xvii. CSL meetings need snacks b. Trending Now i. Meet on Sundays ii. Focusing on collaborating with different organizations that are hosting events c. Civic Integrity i. Watch party was a great success, people in attendance registered to vote. There was press coverage on multiple outlets. People want more events like this in the future iii. Still planning rape culture event d. Garnet and Gold Gala i.
Will be February 6 from 7:30-­‐11:00 pm ii.
Theme will be masquerade iii.
Tabling will begin after winter break iv.
Working on flyers e. Campus Life and Engagement i.
Mixer is on December 4, 2015 ii.
Will send invitations to organizations for mixer tomorrow V. Chair’s Report A. Last meeting of the semester is December 7 B. Meeting with President Mahony last week: discussed renaming of Tillman, progress for the heritage initiative C. If interested in working on the committee to discuss the renaming of Tillman/the Bessie Moody Lawrence issue, contact Maria or Tyra D. Spring Retreat is January 8-­‐9, 2016. Contact Michaela ASAP if unable to attend at E. Remind texting service. Text 81801 and send message @councilofs F. Showed the TWC News report covering our watch party G. Legislator reception November 16 at 7pm, 4 have confirmed attendance (Sen Hayes, Sen Coleman, Rep King, Rep Simrill). Will be a Q & A. Share the flyer as much as possible. H. If interested in participating in Ad Hoc committee for Student Outreach through social media contact Ray I. Be present at homecoming events J. Attend your committee meetings VI. Open Floor A. DSU: This Thursday will co-­‐host talent show at 7pm in Tillman, free B. 11/10 Presenting Homecoming Court at 11:30 in Dina’s Place C. Stepshow Tickets for sale 11/10 at common time in Digs Adjournment at 8:46 pm A. Motion: Ashley Briggs B. Second: Maria Clarken C. Approved by: All Present