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“Explore and Settle” Study Guide
To best prepare for the “Explore and Settle” unit test… v
Test format-­‐ multiple choice & short answer v
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History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism Textbook, Online Student Subscription & Interactive Student Notebook-­‐ chapter 2 “European Exploration and Settlement” & Class Notes Complete “Explore and Settle” QUIZLET-­‐­‐and-­‐settle-­‐flash-­‐cards/ v
American Indians1.
Who were the 1st people in the Americas, how did they get to the Americas (Beringia) & why did they come
to the Americas?
European Exploration & Settlement-
What was Marco Polo’s impact on history?
Why did Spain, France, England & the Netherlands want to establish colonies in the “New World?”
(mercantilist theory) Where did they establish colonies in the “New World?” How did they establish
colonies in the “New World?” What were their colonies like in the “New World?” How did they treat
American Indians?
Spain- King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella, Christopher Columbus, San Salvador, Taino, Columbian
Exchange, Hernan Cortes, Aztecs, Mexico, Francisco Pizarro, Incas, Peru, Ponce de Leon, Florida,
Francisco Coronado, Great Plains, Conquistadores, Missionaries, Gold
France- Jacques Cartier, Canada, Samuel de Champlain, Quebec, Robert de La Salle, Mississippi River,
Louisiana Terrritory, Coureurs de Bois, Huron, Brown Gold
England- John Cabot, Newfoundland, Sir Walter Raleigh, Roanoke, Virginia Dare, John White, London
Company, Jamestown, John Smith, Pocahontas, Powhatan, John Rolfe, Tobacco
The Netherlands- Henry Hudson, Hudson River & River Banks, Albany, New York, Peter Minuit,
Manhattan Island, Peter Stuyvesant, Iroquois
What happened to England’s Roanoke colony?
What hardships did England’s 1st permanent “New World” colony at Jamestown endure?
How did John Smith, Pocahontas & John Rolfe help the Jamestown Colony succeed?
How did New Netherland become England’ New York colony?
Provide an example of an economic & religious reason for European exploration & colonization of the
Be able to complete a map of Spanish, French, English & Dutch settlements in the “New World.”
10. Why did Africans come to the Americas?