Course Requirements Team 8-3 Language Arts Mrs. Ames

Course Requirements
Team 8-3 Language Arts
Mrs. Ames
Welcome to 8th grade language arts! I’m really looking forward to teaching
you this year and getting to know you. I hope to have a fun, exciting, and
challenging year with you.
 Elements of Literature: Second Course
 Night by Elie Wiesel (2006 translated version)
 1 glue stick
 1 pkg. of 3” x 5” lined index cards
 1 binder with 5 dividers
 1 2”x1.5” pkg post-it notes
 2 additional novels
* You may have to provide other materials for projects throughout the year.
* These materials are in addition to your general supplies.
Elements of Literature: Second Course
Our anthology includes poetry, folk tales, drama, short stories, and
nonfiction selections that focus on teaching you to become a strategic
reader and writer. Extensions from the stories will include lessons on
literary terms, author studies, reading and critical thinking, vocabulary,
connections to our writing workshop, and many more.
Book Choices
Middle school students are characterized by a wide range of interests,
developmental levels, and maturity levels. For this reason, we will be
covering many types of genres in our unit including realistic fiction,
historical fiction, multicultural, adventure, fantasy, nonfiction, classics, and
many others. You will also have several opportunities to select the book you
will be reading. Some of these books are intended for younger audiences,
while others are for more mature readers. You and your parents are the
best judges of the books that are appropriate for you. I will monitor the
selections you make, and I encourage you to share with your parents what
you are reading, whether it comes from school, a bookstore, or the public
Grades will be weighted this year. The categories will be assessments
(70%), word study (20%), and homework/participation (10%).
Class preparation
You must come to class prepared everyday. This means having your
materials and any work that is due. I will let you know a day ahead of time
what materials you will need for the following day. I will also write it on the
white board outside my door. There should be no reason why you don’t have
the necessary materials needed for class. You must have a pen, pencil,
paper, and your binder each day. If you are unprepared for class, you will
need to sign your name on the yellow log sheet. If your name appears on the
list three times in one quarter, you will have to serve a detention.
The first thing you will do when you come into class is to begin the warm-up
for the day. This could include a journal prompt, grammar review, SSR, word
study work, current events response, etc. If you are absent, it is your
responsibility to get what you missed. You are expected to write in complete
sentences and put some thought and effort into your journal
entries/responses. I will check these on a regular basis. I will not grade all
entries, but it is important to complete all of them because you don’t know
which ones will be worth points.
At the end of class, you will put away any materials that you are not taking
with you. Do not start packing up early. I will give you enough time to get
yourself ready to go.
You will be considered tardy if you are not in class when the period begins
and you do not have a note from a teacher. If you did not get a pass from a
teacher when you should have, then you will have until the next class period
to get one or it is a tardy. If you are tardy, then you will also have to sign
the log sheet. Again, for every three times that you sign, you will have a
Homework is due at the beginning of class. Some homework will be for
completion grades and some will be graded for points. Late homework may
or may not be accepted. That decision will be up to me. You may lose a
letter grade per day on bigger assignments until I receive it.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get what you missed. You
should do this on the day you return either in class or SC. If you know you
will be out on a certain day, get your work ahead of time.
 Notebook paper headings are to be in the upper right hand corner
above the first line. Example: Name
Class period
Assignment description
 Locker visits/hall passes – You may go to your locker in between
classes. If you realize you have forgotten something after class has
begun, once again, you will sign the log sheet. It will be my decision if
you may go and get it.
 Gum/candy/food – Detentions will be given if you are chewing gum,
eating candy/food, and drinking anything.
 You don’t need permission to throw something away, get a tissue,
sharpen a pencil, etc., just use your common sense about when it is and
is not appropriate to do so.
Contact Information
The best way to communicate with me is through email. My email address is
[email protected], and my voice mail is 760-4674. Please
contact me if you have any concerns or questions.
I have read and understand the course requirements and discipline policy for
this class.
Your signature_____________________________ Date___________
Parent signature____________________________ Date___________
Mrs. Ames’s Classroom Discipline and Expectation Policy
In order to give each of you the opportunity to reach your potential
and to be successful here at Karrer, I have developed the following
discipline plan and expectations.
Class Rules and Expectations~
1. You will be respectful.
2. You will be responsible.
Everything I can think of falls under one of these two categories. You are
old enough to know what is expected of you and how you should behave at
school. I will not tolerate disrespect or willfully inflicting harm on self,
others, or property. You are accountable for your own behavior, choices,
actions, and assignments.
Here are some ways you can be respectful~
Respect for Self
I will always do my best
I will positively participate in all classroom activities
Respect for Others
I will stay on task without disturbing or distracting others
I will be considerate and polite with words and actions
I will respect other people’s differences and opinions
I will listen when the teacher or my classmates are talking
Respect for School
I will do my best to complete assignments on time
I will be careful with school property and anything that I borrow
Here is how you can be responsible~
I will accept consequences for my behavior
I will complete tasks willingly and on time
I will work to do my best
Rewards for good behavior~
1. Verbal praise and encouragement
2. Good grades
3. Karrer Pride
4. Parent contact/note home
1. Redirection/warning
2. Write on log sheet
3. Detention/contact