Write a paragraph below with the following information:
 A statement or set of instructions that describes the work to be performed.
 When does the project need to be completed? Provide a set of desired actions or tasks with
timelines to be completed.
 What hours or days are we requiring work to be performed by the contractor?
 What is the contractor going to provide? (examples: manpower, equipment, tools, supplies, fuel,
 How will you know the project is done? Will you be inspecting the project – if so, when and how?
 If reports are required, when do you want them, what format, etc.
 What will be the method of acceptance?
 Provide the steps that you will follow when accepting the work, prior to payment.
 How will we pay this contractor?
o Flat fee when the work is complete
o The Amount per hour
o The Amount per task when it is complete
o The Amount per month, quarter, or year
o The Amount Estimated for the contract term
o The Amount Estimated for travel expenses not to exceed
NOTE: The paragraph below will be used in the University of Montana’s standard contract which will
require the contractor to sign and countersigned by Procurement Services before work can be performed
or any payment arrangements can be made.