Collaboration and Partnerships (C&P)

Collaboration and Partnerships (C&P)
Meeting Date, Time and Location: Feb 5 @ 10:00am, Payne Native American Center – room 102
Attendance: Nancy Gass, Chair; Sam Panarella, School of Law; Keith Bosak, College of Forestry and
Conservation; Jillian Campana, College of Visual and Performing Arts; Sandy Ross, Graduate School.
Absent: Abe Kim, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center
Subcommittee reviewed questions under Engagement with Institutions Abroad, Structures,
Policies & Practices, Resources; and the Local, State, and Broader Environment for
Internationalization. The C&P committee determined the best method on how to obtain the
information it needs to answer these internationalization questions. This information will be
compiled and disseminated at the next committee meeting of the task force and steering committee
at its February 24th meeting.
No further items on the agenda were discussed nor did the committee have any other comments
that they wanted noted.