Operations Management COP Update October 2010

Operations Management COP Update
October 2010
The Operations Management COP now has over 600 members, and the steering
committee has organized itself into four task teams to address focus areas of interest to
all of us. The task teams are grouped to focus on Supply Chain, Improvement Tools,
Strategies and Performance Indicators.
Activities this year have resulted in published ISPE materials available on the website:
April 2010 E-Letter: Improvement Tools for the early 21st Century in Pharmaceutical
Operations – Operational Excellence
May June 2010 Pharmaceutical Engineering article: Successful Use of Simulation in
a Lean Six Sigma Program
A series of four monthly articles on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is also
now in progress; the first one will be published in the October E-Letter.
We plan to continue to provide published materials and other information resources for
ISPE Members. To do so we need additional volunteers for the major work planned in
the next year, and fifteen members to date have indicated that they would like to
participate. Highlights of upcoming activities include:
We have written the Foreword for a new book on Operations Management to be
published shortly by the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.
We also have approval to develop a document plan for a new ISPE Operations
Management Guide which we believe will be an important resource for best
practices in our industry.
Our group is also planning to lead a one and a half day seminar on supply chain
management at the European conference in April 2011 in Frankfurt.
We will look forward to meeting COP members at the reception at the annual
conference in November 2010 in Orlando.
The community discussions on our website is a forum for all to post questions, suggest
topics that might be of interest to the community, and keep all of us informed on news
that might be going on within the industry as well as in other industries that might be
applicable to improving our operations. Participation is encouraged.