ASCRC Writing Committee Notes, 2/22/11 Members Present: Members Excused/Absent: Ex-Officio Members Present

ASCRC Writing Committee Notes, 2/22/11
Members Present: G. Burns, M. Medvetz, M. Semanoff, K. Zoellner
Members Excused/Absent: T. Russell, J. DeSoto, N. Hinman, K. Ryan P. Silverman
Ex-Officio Members Present, K. Webster
The meeting lacked a quorum so the minutes were not approved.
The Committee briefly discussed the writing review rotation. Chair Semanoff
counted the total number of writing courses (139) and proposes dividing the
review over four years, approximately 35 courses per year.
The courses will likely be grouped as follows:
o Writing and Literature courses
o Humanities and Fine Arts courses
o Social Science courses
o Professional Schools and Sciences
The Committee discussed how to make recommendations regarding the future of
the UDWPA. It may be helpful for members to review samples of meaningful
program level assessment. It is likely that there will be resistance to additional
assessment, so it is important that the recommendation is framed in an appropriate
way. The assessment should be defined by the faculty with the goal of improving
students writing. It was suggested that several faculty be asked to provide
feedback prior to the recommendations going to ASCRC or the Faculty Senate.
Dr. Burns attended The Future of Education Presentation by Dennis Jones of
NCHEMS. He reported that a key trend for determining a university’s success is
quantitative measures rather than qualitative measures.
Director Webster shared that the February UDWPA exams were recently graded.
Five hundred and four students took the exam. There was a 69% passing rate.
Many students will not be able to enroll in their major courses because of new
departmental policies that they must first pass the UDWPA. It was noted that the
scoring process (90 hours) provides opportunity for scorers to discuss student
writing which is also an opportunity for professional development.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.