Hernando DeSoto SS book pg 147 Made by Mr. Roper

Hernando DeSoto
SS book pg 147
Made by Mr. Roper
The king of Spain gave
______________________a grant for
an expedition to the northern
 DeSoto put together an army of
_________________ soldiers and
sailed west to Florida.
 They landed in May 1539.
 DeSoto and his men were searching for
_________________ in North America.
DeSoto moved north and reached what
is now ___________________ by
 They found no gold, and traveled on
through parts of
_______________________, North
Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.
 DeSoto encountered many Indian
peoples during his expedition.
 These encounters often ended in
_____________________ for many
DeSoto reached the
_______________________River in
May 1541.
 They were the first Europeans to see
the great river.
 They crossed the river and
encountered more _______________
with Indians.
 For ____________ years the Spanish
searched for gold without finding any.
In 1542, deSoto died of
 After his death, his men returned to
Spain without any
 Though he found no gold, deSoto
claimed much of the land he explored
for ______________________.
 The Spanish now claimed all of what is
today the Southeastern United States.