Bridging height differences efficiently Spiral conveyor

Bridging height differences efficiently
Spiral conveyor
Spiral conveyor deniconda is a very popular
choice with the Australian food industry.
Kraft Foods Cadbury alone, a giant in the
industry, uses several of these slim-line, but
still highly durable spiral conveyors at its
sites in Ringwood and Claremont. In terms
of space and colour, they adapt perfectly to
their surroundings. The curved components
can be placed next to one another in any
number of ways. The integrated merging
elements can also be positioned next to
one another to suit preferences at angles
of 0 to 330°. deniconda has rolling support
on the inner radius, requires less energy
and ensures continual material flow.
The deniconda spiral conveyor
• is modular and available in a number
of different dimensions
• requires a much smaller drive motor
as a result
• saves energy and costs
• is low on wear and tear and maintenance
• allows continual flow of products
• is suitable for the food industry
(in stainless steel if required)
• adjusts perfectly to the space available
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