Date: September 23, 2014 To: ASCRC Schools Subcommittee

September 23, 2014
ASCRC Schools Subcommittee
Terri Herron, Associate Dean, SoBA
SoBA Curriculum Proposals
SoBA has a number of curriculum proposals this year. I thought it would be best if I could explain the
proposals as they relate to each other. This totals 26 forms (in bold): one gen ed renewal form, two
Level I forms, four program modification forms, and 19 course change forms (e-curr).
A. Symbolic Systems Renewal Form
B. Big Data Analytics Certificate (new) – Level I with Level II documentation
The certificate includes two new courses:
 BMIS 326 Intro to Data Analytics
 BMIS 482 Big Data Project
C. MIS Major/Course Changes
 Add above new courses and BMIS 391 to elective basket – program modification
 BMIS 465 Intro to Real Time Data Analytics – change title and change prereq
D. Management Major/Course Changes
 Modify elective basket – program modification
 BMGT 426 Strategic Management – change prereqs
 BMGT 458 – change prereqs, repeatability
E. Marketing Major/Course Changes
 Modify required course set, restructure electives, modify elective baskets – program
 BMKT 207 Overview of Marketing (1 cr) – new course
 BMKT 440 Marketing Analytics – new course
F. Accounting Major/Course Changes
 ACTG 410 Cost Management Actg I – remove ACTG 306 prereq
G. BGEN 235 Business Law – move to 300-level (BGEN 361 per CCN) and upper core
H. BGEN 320E Bus Ethics & Social Resp – move to 200-level (BGEN 220E) and pre-business core
Minor in Business Administration (new) – Level I with Level II documentation
Requires 5 “indicator” courses, admission to minor, then 4 “upper minor core” courses, all of
which are also required for business majors.
BSBA – changes to align the bachelor degree structure with the new minor’s structure; the set
of required courses for the major is the same as it has been, only the sequencing and degree
structure is being modified – program modification
 Expand acceptable math and statistics courses, which aligns with minor
 Change “lower core” to be two groups to align with minor: indicator courses taken
before admission to a business major or minor, and pre-business courses that are
prerequisites for other required courses for business majors
 Change prereqs to implement the above two items:
i. ACTG 201 – change co/prereq math
ii. ACTG 202 – change prereq math
iii. BMIS 270 – add prereq WRIT 101
iv. BMIS 322 – add prereq CSCI 172
v. BGEN 499 and BMGT 486 (capstones)– add remaining pre-businesses courses as
prereqs: COMX 111A, ECNS 202, BGEN 220E
 Change prereqs of three finance courses to include ECSN 202, since now ECNS 202 can
be taken after admission to the finance major
i. BFIN 429 – add co/prereq ECNS 202
ii. BFIN 439 – add co/prereq ECNS 202
iii. BFIN 473 – add prereq ECNS 202